BASIS Independent McLean

At BASIS Independent McLean, students are inspired daily to discover their passions and learn at the highest international levels.
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8000 Jones Branch Dr
McLean, VA 22102


Ongoing, Private


Age 2 - Grade 12

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At BASIS Independent McLean, an age 2–grade 12 private school in Tysons Corner, students are inspired to learn at the highest international levels in a nationally recognized liberal arts curriculum with a STEM focus. The BASIS Curriculum is a blend of best educational practices from around the world and provides students with the type of rigorous and comprehensive education found in the world’s top-performing countries. Passionate, expert teachers bring advanced material to life across a wide breadth of disciplines, including Mandarin, logic, engineering, economics, performing arts, humanities, and more.

Our students are prepared with the content knowledge, critical thinking, and self-advocacy skills needed to succeed, and as a result, graduate to the top colleges and universities in the world.

At a Glance:

Transportation Lunch Provided, Early Bird, Late Bird

Languages: Mandarin, Latin, Spanish, French

Sports: Basketball, Fencing, Tennis, Soccer

Arts: Visual and Performing (including Music and Drama)

Hours: 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM