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Dirt Cheap Eats 2009: Pedro & Vinny’s
Comments () | Published December 16, 2009

Pedro & Vinny’s (15th and K sts.; NW). Regulars know the deal: Proprietor John Rider calls down the line asking a dozen customers at a time for their tortilla and cheese choices. He then readies the orders and puts them in a steamer. When you get to the front, the wrap is warm and ready to be filled with black-bean chili, pinto beans, or the popular Black-and-Tan, a combination of the two. There are loads of hot sauces, but we go for the Goose, a heavenly habañero-mango concoction made by Rider and stored in a Grey Goose vodka bottle.

Small burritos ($4 without cheese, $4.25 with) don’t come with rice; medium and large burritos are $5 to $6.25 and come with rice and beans; guacamole, sour cream, and a flavored tortilla cost extra. Rider, who recently resurrected his cart after a hiatus, mans the K Street cart; daughter Kristin will helm a second to open soon. The lines usually move quickly, but customers can e-mail by 10 am ( to have burritos ready for pickup. Another part of the drill: Customers calculate their tabs and change.

Open Monday through Friday 11 to 2; visit to check for weather closures.

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