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Favorite Things: The Red Hen’s Sebastian Zutant and Lauren Winter

This month, former Proof sommelier Sebastian Zutant and his wife, restaurant designer Lauren Winter, plan to unveil the Red Hen, an Italian-influenced joint in DC’s Bloomingdale. We caught up with them at Boundary Stone and talked cocktails, candy, and other indulgences.

Photograph of Zutant and Winter by Scott Suchman.

1. Always on the home bar
Sebastian: “Clase Azul tequila—it’s not often that they make sipping tequilas that are 100 percent agave. I constantly want to be on vacation when I’m not working, which is why I like this tequila.”
Lauren: “Wine—Perennial from Flowers Winery is my favorite. He gets me a dozen bottles every year for my birthday.”

2. Cocktail
Sebastian: “The Aviation.”
Lauren: “Pimm’s Cup.”

3. Hangover remedy
Sebastian:Leche de tigre—juice left over from ceviche. It’s good for you, and it makes you feel a lot better.”
Lauren: “A big, fatty breakfast of eggs, bacon, cheese, and an English muffin. I take aspirin and go back to bed, then I’m like new again.”

4. Candy
Sebastian: “Swedish Fish.”
Lauren: “Bubblegum cigarettes.”

5. Guilty pleasures
Sebastian:Love Actually and ‘Call Me Maybe.’”
Lauren: “Duncan Hines vanilla icing. ”

6. Vacation spot
Sebastian: “Vieques.”
Lauren: “No one’s there—you can lie naked on the beach and really relax.”

7. Public space
Sebastian: “The tower in the National Gallery’s East Building. The Rothko exhibit shook me to my bones.”
Lauren: “The zoo and the National Museum of Natural History.”

8. Work outfit
Sebastian: “Bow ties. I’ve spent unbelievable amounts of money on bow ties.”
Lauren: “I work from home and like Victoria’s Secret yoga pants. It makes me sound sexier than I am.”

9. Always in the fridge
Sebastian: “Ten types of mustard ”
Lauren: “Butter—salted, sweet, any kind.”

10. Romantic restaurant
Lauren: “Palena.”
Sebastian: “We like to have drinks at the Jefferson hotel. I feel very romantic there.”

11. Your ideal neighborhood bar would have …
Sebastian: “The best wings in the world, the Buffalo Bills playing every football game, Syracuse playing every basketball game, hot chicks in not a lot of clothes, cheesesteaks, and daycare.”
Lauren: “No pretense, always a seat for me and my friends, games, and jukeboxes. It should be dark—and serve Champagne from fountains.”

This article appears in the April 2013 issue of The Washingtonian.

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