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Restaurant Week Picks for January 2007

Restaurant Week is the time to think about treating yourself to a little pampering-on-the-cheap.

Dining Editor Todd Kliman’s Restaurant Week Picks

Restaurant Week is no time to be thinking about small plates – that style of eating is already decently budget-friendly. So save Jaleo and Zaytinya for another time.

Nor is it the time to give the likes of Al Crostino, Bistro d’Oc, and Café St.-Ex a try. All pretty good places, but all generally light on the wallet to begin with.

No, Restaurant Week is the time to think about treating yourself to a little pampering-on-the-cheap.

Which is why I’d consider booking a table at Coeur de Lion at the Henley Park Hotel. This is dining in the old, grand manner.

I’d also a long, long look to the following places – places that  distinguished themselves during previous Restaurant Weeks, or offer diners the run of their tasty menus:

* Acadiana

* Ardeo

* Bistro Bis

* Cafe 15

* Charlie Palmer

* Circle Bistro 

* Colvin Run Tavern

* Corduroy

* Fogo de Chao

* Kinkead's

* Notti Bianche

* Poste

* Restaurant Kolumbia

* Tabard Inn

* Vidalia 

If none of those places excites you, or if you can’t muster the courage to face the crowds, remember that Restaurant Week is also a good time to go the other route and book a table at places that aren’t participating – places you haven’t been able to get into and you’ve been wanting to try.

In which case I offer you: 1789, Komi and Palena.

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