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How Millennials Mourn

By Emily Kaiser January 11, 2015
A twentysomething with no kids, no partner, and few adult obligations lost her mom. Then she had to figure out how to grieve like a grown-up. more

Sounds of Silence: The Quietest Places in Washington

December 31, 2014
We found some of the most peaceful spots in the area. Plus—a few spots to avoid. more

How Daily Laughter Can Help Beat Stress

By Sherri Dalphonse December 31, 2014
No joke—a daily dose of chuckles is one way to de-stress. That’s the idea behind "laughter yoga." more

10 Peaceful Places Around Washington

December 31, 2014
Need some fresh air? Time to think? A change of scenery? Here's where to go to get your mind off things. more

4 Ways (Other Than Yoga) to Chill Out

December 31, 2014
Yoga's not for everyone. Here are four fun alternatives for escaping the day-to-day. more

In Defense of Naps

By Brennen Jensen December 31, 2014
In Washington’s hard-driving culture, enjoying a quick shut-eye at the office is sometimes frowned upon. Here’s why nappers shouldn’t take that lying down. more

4 Easy and Effective Ways to Relax

By Sherri Dalphonse December 31, 2014
Only have a few minutes to de-stress? That's all you need. more

The 10 Most Relaxing Songs

December 31, 2014
Find your happy place with these soothing tunes. more

This Might Be the Most Tranquil Place in Washington

By Joseph Guinto December 31, 2014
A retreat house on the grounds of DC’s Franciscan Monastery offers a place to tune out the world for a day or two—if you can turn off your phone. more

4 Helpful Meditation Apps

December 31, 2014
Meditation may be an ancient art, but these modern-day apps and podcasts can help those new to the practice. more

How a Lifelong Worrier Learns to Let Go

By Cathy Alter December 31, 2014
Living “in the moment” is one way to have a happier day. But for a serial worrier, things aren't that simple. more

How to Meditate

By Kristin Clark Taylor December 31, 2014
Learn to achieve purposeful stillness—and discover the health benefits associated with meditation. more

8 Stay-All-Day Spas Around Washington

By McLean Robbins December 31, 2014
Dream about a whole day of pampering? At any of these soothing havens, you may come out feeling like a new person. more

3 Easy Yoga Inversions to Help De-Stress

December 31, 2014
How being upside down can help you feel more upbeat. more

Is the E-Cigarette Bubble About to Burst?

By Jaime Joyce July 1, 2014
Now that e-cigarettes have become a hot start-up market, is Washington about to send the industry up in smoke? more

Lessons In the Art of Dying

By Richard E. Cytowic March 11, 2014
In my dad’s day, doctors knew how to comfort the sick. I had to feel my way through his teachings. more

Sweet Vindication: How Montgomery County Tackled Trans Fats First

By Sarah Scully March 6, 2014
As the FDA moves to eradicate harmful fats from America’s diets, Montgomery County could be a model for how food purveyors will respond. more

Four Romantic Spa Retreats for Couples

By Sarah Title February 7, 2014
These spas offer side-by-side massages, Champagne, cozy suites, and other treats. more

First Person: Crossing Bradley Boulevard

By Michelle Brafman February 7, 2014
For my sister-in-law, this intersection is about more than walk and don’t walk. more

Dr. Hoffman vs. the Mosquito

By Luke Mullins October 23, 2013
A Rockville scientist has spent 30 years struggling to eradicate malaria, the deadly insect-borne disease that has outwitted generations of medical researchers. Experts have long called his vaccine a fantasy. Now he has one last chance to prove himself. more

DC Hospital Titans Battle Over New Cancer Treatment Tool

By Harry Jaffe October 21, 2013
Competition for new technology, patients, and revenue among major hospitals is raging. Here’s a look inside the bitter fight between MedStar and Johns Hopkins over an expensive—and lucrative—new tool to treat cancer. more

Calling an Audible: A Quarterback Fights Back From Gruesome Injury

By Shane Mettlen October 9, 2013
Jacob Rainey was one of the most promising high-school quarterbacks in Virginia—headed for Division I football and maybe the NFL—when a freak accident forced him to change course. more

3 Exercises for a Stronger Back

By Melissa Romero June 10, 2013
Strengthen and stretch back muscles to prevent injury. more

How to Soothe Your Aching Back

By Melissa Romero June 10, 2013
Thanks to desk jobs and intense exercise, many Washingtonians suffer from back pain. Here’s the latest on prevention and treatment. more

3 Holistic Options for Back Pain

By Melissa Romero June 10, 2013
Along with medical care and physical therapy, the following holistic techniques have become popular for back pain. While treatment time varies by patient, it typically takes multiple sessions to experience benefits. more

Top Dentists 2013: Should Dentists Inject Botox?

By Melissa Romero April 18, 2013
The industry seems split on the practice. more

Top Dentists 2013: 6 Great Foods for Your Teeth

By Melissa Romero April 18, 2013
From apples to dairy, these foods help your pearly whites stay that way. more

Top Dentists 2013: How Dentists Are Helping Some Patients Sleep Easier

By Melissa Romero April 18, 2013
Read about the mouthpiece that helps with sleep apnea. more

Top Dentists 2013: Can Dentistry Make You a Better Athlete?

By Melissa Romero April 18, 2013
A mouthguard may increase an athlete's oxygen intake. more

Top Dentists 2013: Taking a Bite Out of Deafness

By Melissa Romero April 18, 2013
Find out how SoundBite works. more

Top Dentists 2013: How to Fix Your Smile If You Have . . .

By Melissa Romero April 18, 2013
Solutions to common teeth problems. more

Top Dentists 2013: Reducing Your Radiation Risk

By Melissa Romero April 18, 2013
Plus—how much radiation you're exposed to on flights, when smoking, and more. more

Top Dentists 2013: Washingtonians With Winning Smiles

April 18, 2013
Which well-known Washingtonians have the most beautiful smiles? We put that question to the 2,000 dentists who received our Top Dentists survey. Here are their favorites. more

9 Tips for Beating the Winter Doldrums

By Melissa Romero January 15, 2013
Gray skies have you feeling blue? Some simple steps—from wearing bright colors to exercising in the morning—might lift your spirits. more

6 Mood-Boosting Foods

By Melissa Romero January 15, 2013
Low energy? Sour mood? The foods you eat can help combat winter blues. more

Living With Seasonal Affective Disorder

By Melissa Romero January 15, 2013
“SAD is not anything to be embarrassed about.” more

Sunshine in Winter: Using Light Therapy

By Melissa Romero January 15, 2013
Why a daily dose of light from a sunlamp can make you happier and give you more energy. more

Beat the Winter Blues With Our January Reader Deals

By McLean Robbins December 19, 2012
Hearty soups, a tropical getaway, and other bargains to feel good about. more

Dealing With Cancer: Services to Help Manage and Ease Life

October 3, 2012
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Dealing With Cancer: Friendly Advice

October 3, 2012
1. Listen Express your concern and offer to be there, then step back and listen. If a patient wants to talk, don’t offer advice or make assumptions. “If you’re asking a question, it should end in a question mark... more

Dealing With Cancer: How to Choose Your Doctors

October 3, 2012
The Washington area boasts more high-ranking cancer hospitals and specialists than most metropolitan areas. Here’s how to choose your medical team. more

Dealing With Cancer: Advice and Resources to Help You and Your Loved Ones

By Karina Giglio October 3, 2012
Last year, more than 70,000 people were diagnosed with cancer in the District, Maryland, and Virginia. Thus began, for these patients and their loved ones, a sort of tug of war that is life with cancer. Survivors often speak of... more

Dealing with Cancer: Discuss Sex With Your Doctor

October 2, 2012
Photograph by Jeff Elkins Two years ago, at age 37, former attorney Stef Woods was known as DC’s Carrie Bradshaw, thanks to her uncensored City Girl blog. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer—her mother died of cancer when... more

The Best Sunscreens and What to Know About Applying Them

By Courtney Rubin July 16, 2012
The FDA will soon require more truth in labeling on sunscreens. Here’s what you should know—and which to buy. more

Best of Washington 2012: Four Intense Workouts

By Washingtonian Staff July 5, 2012
Want a tough workout? Matthew Graham, a 51-year-old writer and personal trainer, dropped in on intense fitness classes. Here are the most challenging he found, in order of increasing intensity. more

Tips from Podiatrists to Keep Your Feet and Ankles Strong and Healthy

By Melissa Romero June 15, 2012
Area doctors give their advice on minimalist running, exercises and talking women out of wearing heels. more

Finding Help and Support for Alzheimer’s in Washington

By Melissa Romero June 4, 2012
Research and medical centers, books, support groups, and more services to help you or a loved one cope with Alzheimer’s. more

About Our 2012 Top Doctors List

March 18, 2012
The doctors on this list are not necessarily all of the area's "best" physicians, and they certainly are not the only good ones. Many first-rate physicians aren't on the list, and there are reasons for this. Doctors tend to be... more

The Health Benefits of Hypnosis

By Laura Hambleton March 9, 2012
Experts say hypnosis can help people lose weight, quit smoking, even cope with pain. I wanted to find out if it would enable me to relax and clear my mind. But first I had to stop falling asleep. more

Minor Mistakes, Deadly Results

By Bara Vaida January 27, 2012
Thousands die in hospitals because of simple oversights made by doctors and nurses. Here’s how hospitals can improve patient safety. more

10 High-Tech Gadgets to Help You Have a Smarter Workout

By Kelly DiNardo January 25, 2012
From music players to touchscreen-friendly gloves, these things will help keep you on top of your workout routine. more

Fitness with Fido

By Gwendolyn Purdom January 23, 2012
Four-legged companions offer a lot of motivation for pet lovers who want to get in better shape. more

New Treatments for Younger Looking Legs

By Courtney Rubin December 23, 2011
Is one of your resolutions to shape up your legs? Treatments for varicose and spider veins are more effective and less invasive. more

9 Tips For a New You in The New Year

By McLean Robbins, Courtney Rubin December 22, 2011
From enticing workouts to terrific beauty products, this advice will help you reach your goals. more

A Quick Guide to 12 Plastic Surgery Procedures

By Karina Giglio December 20, 2011
Good treatments for wrinkles or sun damage? How much does an eyelid lift cost? What’s involved in a nose job? Here’s a quick guide to 12 common procedures. more

10 New Ways To Feel Your Best

By Courtney Rubin December 20, 2011
Surprising new research on how to lose weight, have more energy, and be healthier. more

'Tis the Season for Plastic Surgery

By Cathy Alter December 19, 2011
The holidays aren’t just about presents and family. For some, it’s the time to get peeled, lifted, or sculpted—and emerge new in the new year. more

Three Ways to Make Sure You Stick with Your Fitness Resolutions

By McLean Robbins, Courtney Rubin December 19, 2011
These tips will keep that workout regimen going strong. more

Six Workouts That Really Work

By McLean Robbins, Courtney Rubin December 19, 2011
Tired of your workouts? These six exercise programs will get you in the best shape of your life—plus they’re fun. more

Recognizing Excellence in Washington Nurses

By Leslie Milk December 6, 2011
This year, we decided to give awards to the area's registered nurses who go beyond the call of duty to protect, preserve, and enhance the well-being of their patients and our community. more

You're Never Too Old for Love

By Gloria Krasnow Liebenson November 8, 2011
When her husband died after a 57-year marriage, the author wasn't sure how to handle what came next. Then she met Borden. more

Why You Need a Better Office Chair

By Melissa Romero November 4, 2011
Sitting all day can cause backaches, neck pain, and other problems. We wondered whether a new kind of chair could help, so we put five models to the test. more

How Living in Washington Affects Your Allergies

By Paul Quinlan October 11, 2011
Washington can be a tough place for allergy and asthma sufferers. Here’s how our region rates and why it’s going to get worse. more

Coming Back: Battling the Invisible Wounds of War

By John Pekkanen September 12, 2011
Military men and women now are returning with brain injuries that would have been fatal in earlier times. Here's how the nation's warriors and the medical teams that treat them are fighting these unseen battles. more

A Mother-Daughter Trip to Yogaville

By Diana V. Morgan August 2, 2011
A daughter’s transformation—and the challenge of confronting my own purpose in life—awaits 40 miles south of Charlottesville more

A Stranger to Himself: Living With Parkinson's Disease

By Kermit Moyer July 28, 2011
For the last 15 years, the author, an English literature professor, kept his disease closeted: His practice had been to say nothing about the Parkinson’s publicly and, with the help of the pills, to try and behave as normally as possible. Then at a large more

Things You Should Know Before a Spa Treatment

By Emily Leaman July 18, 2011
You can’t always assume that the person doing your facial or massage or manicure knows what she’s doing more

Best New Exercise Class in Washington

By Sophie Gilbert July 11, 2011
AntiGravity Yoga combines yoga, Pilates, and acrobatics more

Washington Doctors Who Treat Migraines and Headaches

By Washingtonian Staff June 20, 2011
These neurologists from our 2010 Top Doctors list treat migraines and other headaches more

5 Ways to Treat Migraines and Chronic Headaches

By Laura Hambleton June 20, 2011
Scientists have learned a lot about migraines. Here's how doctors are applying that knowledge to help people find relief. Plus—where to go for help. more

Personal Trainers in Washington: Tennis Instructors, Running Coaches, Yoga Teachers, and More

By Cathy Alter, Katie Knorovsky, Sean Lishansky, Melissa Romero May 16, 2011
Workout experts to get you closer to peak performance more

Personal Trainers in Washington: Swimming Coaches

By Cathy Alter, Katie Knorovsky, Sean Lishansky, Melissa Romero May 16, 2011
Glide through the water with strength and ease more

Personal Trainers in Washington: Tennis Instructors

By Cathy Alter, Katie Knorovsky, Sean Lishansky, Melissa Romero May 16, 2011
Perfect your backhand more

Personal Trainers in Washington: Triathlon Trainers

By Cathy Alter, Katie Knorovsky, Sean Lishansky, Melissa Romero May 16, 2011
Intense instruction for iron athletes more

Personal Trainers in Washington: Yoga Instructors

By Cathy Alter, Katie Knorovsky, Sean Lishansky, Melissa Romero May 15, 2011
Increase flexibility and improve posture more

Personal Trainers in Washington: Running Coaches

By Cathy Alter, Katie Knorovsky, Sean Lishansky, Melissa Romero May 15, 2011
Go further, faster more

Personal Trainers in Washington: Golf Pros and Instructors

By Cathy Alter, Katie Knorovsky, Sean Lishansky, Melissa Romero May 15, 2011
Perfect your swing, straighten your putt more

Personal Trainers in Washington: Personal Trainers & General Fitness Experts

By Cathy Alter, Katie Knorovsky, Sean Lishansky, Melissa Romero May 15, 2011
Build the body you've always wanted more

Top Dentists: Do Cleaner Teeth Mean Better Health?

By Cynthia Hacinli May 2, 2011
Recent studies have found significant links between gum health and overall well-being. more

Top Dentists 2011: General Dentists

By Mary Clare Glover May 2, 2011
Select a specialty to view General Dentists Endodontists Oral Surgeons Orthodontists Pediatric Dentists Periodontists Prosthodontists General Dentists Stanley B. Foxman, DDS, FAGD Randolph Medical Center Website  |  301-770-5353 4701 Randolph Road, N. Bethesda/Rockville, MD 20852 Know yourself, know your... more

Top Dentists 2011: Oral Surgeons

By Mary Clare Glover May 2, 2011
Select a specialty to view General Dentists Endodontists Oral Surgeons Orthodontists Pediatric Dentists Periodontists Prosthodontists Oral Surgeons These surgeons operate on the mouth, jaws, and face, including tooth extraction, reconstruction of fractured jaws, and implants. Dr. Robert Emery Capital... more

Top Dentists: Protect Your Teeth While Playing Sports

By Mary Clare Glover May 2, 2011
The official dentists of the Washington Wizards take us behind the scenes of pro-athlete tooth care. more

Top Dentists 2011: Pediatric Dentists

By Mary Clare Glover May 2, 2011
Select a specialty to view General Dentists Endodontists Oral Surgeons Orthodontists Pediatric Dentists Periodontists Prosthodontists Pediatric Dentists These dentists treat children and teens. Name Location Phone Number Girish Banaji Fairfax 703-849-1300 Mark V. Barren Gaithersburg 301-977-2200 Therese Chu South... more

11 New Reasons to Stop Avoiding the Dentist

By Cynthia Hacinli May 2, 2011
Espresso bars. Hand massages. Movies in the dental chair. More dentists are trying to make the patient experience more relaxing and pleasant, with everything from soothing design to new technologies that make visits quicker and less painful. more

Top Dentists 2011: Periodontists

By Mary Clare Glover May 2, 2011
Select a specialty to view General Dentists Endodontists Oral Surgeons Orthodontists Pediatric Dentists Periodontists Prosthodontists Periodontists Periodontists concentrate on gum work and the placement of dental implants. Name Location Phone Number Armin Abron downtown DC 202-659-3500 Georgann L. Apgar... more

Top Dentists 2011: Orthodontists

By Mary Clare Glover May 2, 2011
Select a specialty to view General Dentists Endodontists Oral Surgeons Orthodontists Pediatric Dentists Periodontists Prosthodontists Orthodontists Orthodontists straighten teeth. Shadi Saba, DDS Saba Orthodontics Website  |  703-404-SABA (7222) --> 21155 Whitfield Place, Suite 107, Sterling, VA 20165 Dr.... more

Top Dentists 2011: How We Made This List

By Mary Clare Glover May 2, 2011
We put together this year's list of top dentists the same way you might find a good dentist: mostly by word of mouth. But we also polled a lot of people -- and relied on experts. We first mailed surveys... more

Top Dentists 2011: Prosthodontists

By Mary Clare Glover May 2, 2011
Select a specialty to view General Dentists Endodontists Oral Surgeons Orthodontists Pediatric Dentists Periodontists Prosthodontists Prosthodontists Prosthodontists specialize in implants, dentures, crowns, and bridges. Name Location Phone Number Howard F. Benson downtown DC 202-785-3030 Brendan Bernhart Fairfax 703-645-8001 Hugo... more

Top Dentists 2011: Endodontists

By Mary Clare Glover May 2, 2011
Select a specialty to view General Dentists Endodontists Oral Surgeons Orthodontists Pediatric Dentists Periodontists Prosthodontists Endodontists Endodontists specialize in root canals. Name Location Phone Number *Edward Besner RestonSpringfield 703-437-6666703-569-0000 John Douglas Bramwell RestonSpringfield 703-437-6666703-569-0000 Edward Chun McLean 703-847-0989 Albert... more

Test Your Nut Knowledge

March 30, 2011
Think you know nuts? Take our quiz to find out your nut IQ. more

Little Hearts

By John Pekkanen, Chris Gavin Jones February 2, 2011
For centuries, the human heart remained off limits to surgery. Now, medical advances permit miracles in even the smallest of spaces. more

The Plastic Surgeon's Wife

By Cathy Alter January 31, 2011
Being married to a cosmetic surgeon may have beauty benefits–such as free Botox—but does it also mean you're always being scrutinized? more

Washington's Best Cosmetic Surgeons

By Sherri Dalphonse January 28, 2011
From our 2010 Top Doctors list, here's who to call for Botox, liposuction, and beyond more

Finding the Perfect Mattress

By Cathy Alter January 7, 2011
Cathy Alter stays overnight—and tries multiple beds—at Healthy Back store. more

How to Cure Insomnia at Home

By Cathy Alter January 7, 2011
Instead of counting sheep, try these remedies more

Sleep Centers in Washington

By Caitlin Fairchild January 6, 2011
Where to go to get help dozing off more

Why You Should Try a Sleep Lab

By Ellen Perlman January 6, 2011
Don't get enough rest? Sleep technicians can help you figure out the reason. more

How to Make PS 7's Dark & Skinny Cocktail

By Anna Spiegel January 6, 2011
Mixologist Gina Chersevani’s (seemingly) sinful concoction combines her low-calorie chocolate mix with espresso-flavored vodka. At about 100 calories, this drink's a win for your taste buds and your waistline. more

What's Your Stress Score?

December 6, 2010
Take this quiz—which we devised with the help of several mental-health professionals—to get your stress score, then see how your stress level compares with that of a local CEO, a TV anchor, a nun, a bus driver, a Hill staffer, and more Washingtonians. The more

6 Tricks for Keeping Teeth White

December 2, 2010
Eating popcorn, drinking water, and other tricks for keeping teeth healthy and white. more