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Finding the Perfect Private School in Washington

By Hallie Golden October 27, 2014
Looking for a private school that’s a great fit for your child? Here’s a guide to some of the area’s best. Plus—what to say (and not say) during an admissions interview. more

What Made Me: University of Maryland President Wallace Loh

By Harry Jaffe April 3, 2014
On starting over, finding academia, and helping others shine. more

How Not to Get Your Kid into Kindergarten

By Laura Moser March 24, 2014
Playing the DC Public Schools Lottery is a crazy, soul-crushing pursuit. more

What Made Me: DC’s Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson

By Michael Gaynor October 3, 2013
She talks about her mother’s climb out of poverty, a teacher’s faith in her, and withstanding failure. more

Learn Something New

By Chelsea Boone August 9, 2013
Want to find out how to solve crimes? Appreciate music? Think critically? Local colleges and institutions offer lots of interesting courses. more

Teacher’s Pets: Animals in the Classroom

By Gwendolyn Purdom July 11, 2013
More schools are using animals to teach students confidence, compassion, and other lessons they can’t get from textbooks. more

Getting Ahead: 4 Trends in Executive Education

By Mary Yarrison February 25, 2013
Want to earn more money? Get a promotion? Local universities may have a class for you. more

Reader Deals: August Back-to-School Savings

By McLean Robbins July 20, 2012
Ease into autumn with exclusive specials on new clothing, tutoring services, and an endless summer tan. more

A Mom's Temp Job as College Headhunter for Her Teen

By Margo Warren May 16, 2012
Visiting the Ivies and safeties, dealing with ditzy student guides, and more. more

"Snowplow Parents" and the Pressure at Top Private Schools

By Judy Holland October 9, 2011
Should there be more focus on our children’s health and happiness and less on getting them into an Ivy? more

Washington-Area Private School Consultants

By Mollie Reilly October 9, 2011
These local experts meet with prospective students and parents to help pick a list of schools to consider more

Take Our Survey on Washington Area High Schools

By Mollie Reilly April 19, 2011
We'd love to get your input and hear about your child's experience at his or her school. more

Real College Prep

By Michael Gaynor February 1, 2010
Summer programs on college campuses help high-school kids get ready for the transition. more

Success Factory: Read an Excerpt from Our Story on Thomas Jefferson

By Drew Lindsay September 24, 2009
This is an excerpt from our October cover story on Thomas Jefferson High School. For the full story, pick up an issue of The Washingtonian, on stands now. At a time when high schools are often big, alienating places, Jefferson has... more

Life After Jefferson

September 21, 2009
Chris Avellone, class of 1989. Computer-game designer famous for role-playing games such as Fallout 2 and Planescape: Torment.Anne Toth, ’89. Chief privacy executive at Yahoo.Ehren Kruger, ’90. Screenwriter whose credits include the horror/action movies Arlington Road, The Ring, and this... more

Princeton or Bust!

September 21, 2009
Below are the acceptance rates for the 1,350 Jefferson college applicants over the past three years at 20 selective schools.Colleges court Jefferson kids. Last year’s seniors at Jefferson received $7 million in merit-based financial aid—more than $15,000 per student—after being... more

Success Factory: Inside America’s Best High School

By Drew Lindsay September 21, 2009
What do graduates of America’s best high school, Thomas Jefferson, go on to do with their lives? more

Private Schools: Lessons from the Field

By Mary Clare Glover November 1, 2008
Sports play a big role at Washington’s private schools, from helping kids build character and get into college to raising money and a school’s profile more

No Translation Needed

By Kelly DiNardo August 1, 2008
Knowing another language helps you connect at home and abroad. Classes can boost your career, and they’re available all over. more

Fresh Start

By Ellen Ryan August 1, 2007
Is work a grind? Want to do something you’re passionate about? Time in the classroom might change your career—and your life. more

Peace Corps Hounani

August 1, 2007

We're a Geeky Bunch

By Michael Patrick Carney June 1, 2007
It’s Academic is the world’s longest-running TV game show. For Washington high-school students, it’s more than a game. more

Big Man on Campus

By Larry Van Dyne May 1, 2007
What GW’s president thinks of Georgetown, the problem with college rankings, how students have changed, and more. more

Fast Times at George Mason U

By Graham Meyer April 1, 2007
Once a little-known commuter school, it’s now Virginia’s biggest university—with ambitions to be the best. Here’s the story of a college in a hurry. more

Lending a Hand

By Lauren Sloat February 1, 2007
Young people who give their time and talents as volunteers—on the Gulf Coast, in New Mexico, or around Washington—discover emotional rewards and memorable experiences. more

Autism and Childhood Development

By Cindy Rich November 1, 2006
Something Happened and We Don’t Know Why There’s a light breeze over Rehoboth Beach as five-year-old Elizabeth Polanin takes her dad’s hand and walks toward the ocean. “That is one big pool, isn’t it, baby?” her father says. The water... more

Special-Needs Private Schools in DC, Maryland, & Virginia

November 1, 2006
2006 Washingtonian Guide to Private Schools: Special-Needs SchoolsDISTRICT• **Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Institute of Catholic Community Service, 801 Buchanan St., NE 20017, 202-529-7600; 680 Rhode Island Ave., NE 20002, 202-529-0500. Inclusive early-childhood intervention and therapeutic services for ages six weeks... more

Private Boarding Schools in DC, Maryland, Virginia, & Pennsylvania

November 1, 2006
Boarding Schools DISTRICT• St. Albans School, Massachusetts and Wisconsin aves., NW 20016; 202-537-6435; boys 4th–12th grades; $26,501 (day), $37,487 (boarding, 9th–12th grades); 566 students;• Garrison Forest School, 300 Garrison Forest Rd., Owings Mills 21117; 410-363-1500; coed preschool, girls pre-1st–12th... more

Coed Private Schools in DC, Maryland, & Virginia

November 1, 2006
2006 Washingtonian Guide to Private Schools: Coed SchoolsDISTRICT• Academy for Ideal Education, 1501 Gallatin St., NW 20011; 202-726-0313 (K–5) and 202-399-0707 (6th–12th grades); $7,500; 115 students;• Aidan Montessori School, 2700 27th St., NW 20008; 202-387-2700;; ages 1½–12; $10,795-$16,710;... more

Can You Get Me In?

By Joanne Cronrath Bamberger November 1, 2006
After Montgomery County mother Christine Baskin and her husband decided to send their son to private school for kindergarten, they started doing research on the choices. They gained impressions of the schools they looked at—the culture, philosophy, and community at... more

Single-Sex Private Schools in DC, Maryland, & Virginia

October 1, 2006
2006 Washingtonian Guide to Private Schools: Single-Sex SchoolsGIRLSDISTRICT• Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, 1524 35th St., NW 20007; 202-337-3350; girls 9th–12th grades; $18,250; 463 students;• National Cathedral School, Mount St. Alban, 20016; 202-537-6339; girls 4th–12th grades; $26,826; 578 students;•... more

What's Going on in DC's Charter Schools

By Brooke Lea Foster October 1, 2006
Senior writer Brooke Lea Foster ( wrote about father-daughter relationships in September.Jennie Niles stands erect before a group of parents—white, Hispanic, and black, all filled with hope. At more than six feet tall, with two Ivy League degrees, she cuts... more

Thomas Jefferson High School, Interview With Principal Elizabeth Lodal

By Ken Adelman September 1, 2006
A t social events, when someone heard I was principal of Thomas Jefferson High School,” Elizabeth Lodal says, “they’d start talking about how brilliant their kids were.” When she’d explain she had nothing to do with admissions into this highly... more

Interview With Richard Florida, Author & Professor at George Mason University

By Ken Adelman August 1, 2006
National editor Ken Adelman has been conducting What I’ve Learned interviews since 1988.Creative people need to express themselves, to show their identity,” says Richard Florida. “Cities or organizations that pressure people to conform have a tougher time fostering creative energy.”... more

Commencement Speakers at Local Universities: We Got Katie Couric!

By Katie Bindley June 1, 2006
The competition to get a big-name commencement speaker is fierce among colleges each spring. From past-due favors to large sums of money, here’s how campuses landed the marquee speakers: The University of Oklahoma has had Arlington nativeKatie Couric on its... more

Prep Schools of the Power Brokers

By Chris Vogel May 1, 2006
When current Washington Post executives Bo Jones and Don Graham sat in the Harvard bleachers 40 years ago watching former vice president Al Gore play basketball, says a fellow Crimson grad, the future newspapermen cheered, “Go, you St. Albans product!”... more

Acceptance Letters From Colleges & Universities

By Cory Ohlendorf April 1, 2006
For many high-school seniors, April is a month of anxiety—waiting for the joy of receiving a thick envelope or the disappointment of a thin one. With hundreds of applications for each spot—last year saw 15,285 students apply for the 1,530... more

Gallaudet University Interview With Former President I. King Jordan

By Ken Adelman March 1, 2006
"Yes We Can!" If I composed a list of all the changes in my life after my motorcycle accident, there’d be very few on the negative side,” says I. King Jordan, who lost his hearing at 21 when a car... more

ADD & Abusing Adderall

By Harry Jaffe January 1, 2006
Pressure began to mount for Lisa the night before she was to take the SAT exam. Curled up beneath her gold comforter, she flipped the channels on her TV and thought, "What if I fail?" Lisa knew she had everything... more

Minority Stories in Education: Ebony Jacobs, Toronto Alsbrooks, & Stefany Salas

By Brooke Lea Foster September 1, 2005
"This Is Not Real Life" Good Hall is filled with chatter as students at Stone Ridge School file in and sit at long tables. The girls wear blue-and-green plaid skirts and sweatshirts with names like University of Pennsylvania and Cornell.... more

Who Can Fix the Schools?

By Drew Lindsay June 1, 2004
The District Is About to Hire Another Schools Chief--Probably Another Bureaucrat. But DC's Classrooms Need Real Leadership. Here Are Some Savvy, Tough People Who Might Do the Job. more

"It Changed My Life"

By Ellen Ryan August 1, 2001
Whether It's One Night or One Semester, the Right Class Can Have Lasting Results more

Off They Go

By Leslie Milk June 1, 2001
The Pisner Quints Are Graduating From High School and Heading to College. They Talk About Growing Up Together, How They're Different, and What It's Like to Strike Out on Their Own. more

No More Tater Tots

By Brooke Lea Foster January 1, 2001
And Forget Fish Sticks--Kids at Private Schools Are Feasting on Trout Stuffed With Crab, Saffron Risotto, and Other Gourmet Fare more

Being There

By Brooke Lea Foster September 1, 2000
Mentoring a kid is a way to change a life. it's not JUST about saving someone; it's about being a grown-up friend. more

How to be Cool

By Brooke Lea Foster March 1, 2000
Surviving high school Isn't easy. A theater troupe is trying to help all kinds of kids do it. more