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Washington Offices With the Best Coffee, Highest Pay, and More

Category winners from our 2011 Great Places to Work list

The staff at Northern Virginia Orthodontics has team spirit: On game days, they wear Caps shirts for good luck. Photograph by Vincent Ricardel

Offices with the highest employee scores for good coffee

1. Northern Virginia Orthodontics
2. NetApp
3. BTS
4. The Educe Group
5. Knight Point Systems
6. Dataprise
7. Praxis Engineering Technologies
8. Carfax
9. Broad Street Realty
10. GSM Consulting


Offices with the highest employee scores for great pay

1. Eagle Hill Consulting
2. GSM Consulting
3. Integrity Applications Incorporated
4. Elevation
5. Knight Point Systems
6. Spider Strategies
7. Broad Street Realty
8. Miriam’s Kitchen
9. ViON Corporation
10. FGM


Offices with the highest employee scores for “I love coming to work”

1. Elevation
2. Portal Solutions
3. Miriam’s Kitchen
4. Cassaday & Company
5. BTS
6. Northern Virginia Orthodontics
7. LivingSocial
8. Home Builders Institute
9. Dataprise
10. Plan B Technologies


Offices with the best scores for flexibility

1. Eagle Hill Consulting
2. Spider Strategies
3. Portal Solutions
4. Miriam’s Kitchen
5. FGM
6. Dataprise
7. The Educe Group
8. Broad Street Realty
9. GSM Consulting
10. Home Builders Institute

This article appears in the November 2011 issue of The Washingtonian. 

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  • It seems that at least in some cases, an orthodontic clinic can bring smiles in more than the usual ways. I guess that's a really good thing in this case. Anyone would definitely prefer relaxed, smiling, and focused staff taking care of them rather than stressed and unfocused ones.

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