Sam Kass Furlough, Margaret Thatcher’s Soft Serve, “Mad Men” Goulash: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of the best stuff we’re reading this week.

By: Sophie Gilbert, Tanya Pai, Shane Harris, Marisa M. Kashino, Chris Campbell, Anna Spiegel, Jessica Voelker

Try This at Home

You haven’t been a part of the counterculture until you’ve made goulash from stolen pork butt in a house with no heat or running water. Vulture has the recipe for Betty’s Squatter’s Goulash from last Sunday’s Mad Men. [Vulture] —Sophie Gilbert

Sorry in advance for getting “Last Resort” stuck in your head, but this Papa Roach “recipe” is pretty hilarious. (Although I wouldn’t actually try it at home.) [BuzzFeed] —Tanya Pai

Rhubarb Eton Mess sounds even dirtier when you say it with an English accent. This recipe for a classic British dessert seems a good match for spring’s tartest arrival. [Taste] —Shane Harris

How to cut up a whole chicken. Great for making stock. And relieving aggression. [New York Times] —SH

The secret to the best Negroni ever? Can’t disagree with this Napaman fellow. [Napaman] —Jessica Voelker

They’ll Be There All Night; Don’t Forget to Tip Your Waitresses

Sure, American restaurants tweet away about specials and promos, but what about in-house breastfeeding jokes? The Awl picks out “The Only Turkish Restaurant in London You Need to Follow on Twitter.” [The Awl] —Anna Spiegel

Dock the Kass . . . bah?

When it comes to sequestration, hotness will not save you—White House assistant chef Sam Kass told reporters that he might be being furloughed due to budget cuts. THANKS, HOUSE REPUBLICANS. [HuffPo] —SG

Unfair Trade

Pods are taking over the world. The Guardian reports on why Nespresso coffee is “the ready-meal of coffee—hugely processed and overpriced compared to the raw ingredient.” THANKS, GEORGE CLOONEY. [Guardian] —SG

Newsy Fare

Think what you will about Margaret Thatcher the politician—you can’t deny helping invent soft-serve ice cream was a great service to humanity. [Esquire] —TP

Eat those eggs, youngins. Share Our Strength’s founder shares some pretty stunning stats on schoolkids and the most important meal of the day. [Billy Bearing Witness] —JV

Did you know the Port of Virginia is a leader in distributing food to famine-stricken parts of the world? About 5,700 20-foot containers of food left the US through the port in 2012. [Daily Press] —Marisa Kashino

Fast Food Nation

The brave staff at Boston magazine taste-test the latest monstrosity from ubiquitous Massachusetts chain Dunkin’ Donuts: the glazed doughnut breakfast sandwich. [Boston Daily] —TP

Diving for Dinner

Pro: The food is free! Con: It came from a dumpster. [Time] —MK

Farm Watch

Because obviously it’s the taping of animal cruelty that is the problem. [NYT] —JV

Exploding Chicken and a Stoned Staff

We all know professional kitchens are a dangerous place, but these anecdotes from New York chefs go way beyond cuts and burns. [NYT] —AS

Welcome to Washington, DC, where getting a poor-tasting burrito is a life-threatening experience. [HuffPo] —Chris Campbell

Thieves in Germany stole 5.5 tons of Nutella, valued at about $21,000. Do we really need to ask what their motivation was? But if a giant crepe restaurant suddenly opens in Niederaula, maybe start asking questions. [CNN] —SG

In One End . . .

Farts and poop = serious reading. Journalist Mary Roach discusses her new book, Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal. Spoiler alert: It’s all about what happens to food after you put it in your mouth. [NPR] —SH