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Artichoke Tramp Stamps, Cronut Auctions, “Man Men” and Wine: Eating & Reading

A tasty roundup of the best stuff we’re reading this week.

Just because you eat a lot of these doesn't mean you’ll live forever. Photograph via Shutterstock.

Free Fromage

In terrible expensive-cheese-related news, the FDA is cutting off French supplies of Mimolette to the States. To ease the pain, Cheesetique is giving away the rest of its supply—in quarter-pound chunks—to anyone who posts a picture of themselves frowning on the cheese shop’s Facebook page. [Facebook]­—Ann Limpert

Liquid Television

Ever wondered which Mad Men character most corresponds to a particular wine? Nope, me neither, but according to Bon Appétit, Don’s a Cabernet and Pete’s a Beaujolais. Click through to find out which wine mysterious Bob Benson is. [Bon Appétit]—Sophie Gilbert

Study This

Why do vegetarians live longer? No, that’s not why. [Good]—Jessica Voelker

Good news for we half-pot-a-day drinkers (what?): Evidence is piling up that java staves off all sorts of bad stuff. [NYT]—JV

No Pharmies? No Cry.

A rash of “relaxation beverages”—including one that pays homage to Bob Marley—is trying to edge in on the Xanax market. [Bloomberg Businessweek]—AL

Meaty Matters

Life as a fast food worker is less than appetizing. [Philly]—Marisa Kashino

Exception: Little Serow

Don’t wait more than 30 minutes for dinner unless the chef’s about to shed his mortal coil … and other dining-out maxims from Josh Ozesky. { Esquire]—JV

Try This at Home

He might not have Chesapeake cred—especially now that he’s no longer involved in Westend Bistro—but no matter: this softshell recipe from Eric Ripert sounds both delicious and easy to throw together. [New York]—AL


Frog legs are hopping again. Do they really taste like chicken, though? [NYT]—Shane Harris

Cronuts, like Beyoncé tickets, are mostly going to scalpers, who then make fortunes by selling them on to desperate (and presumably insanely wealthy) foodies. [HuffPo]—SG

Artful Eating

A pastry chef looks to San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art for her inspiration. [T]—SG

Cheflebrity Wire

Daniel Boulud, 58, is marrying Katherine Gage, 30, in a ceremony in upstate New York later this month. No word on who’s catering the reception, yet, but the groom has touchingly commented on how his wife “keeps me young.” [DailyMail]—SG


Here’s how you can get a tramp stamp of an artichoke without a permanent commitment.[HuffPo]—MK

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