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Wing Wars: We Have a Winner

BonChon and Boundary Stone proved fierce adversaries. But only one wing venue can rule the roost.

Congratulations Boundary Stone. Score one for neighborhood pride.

Happy Friday, Wing Warriors. It’s been quite a month, hasn’t it? We started this out with 32 wings-taurants and began picking away at them, sending some very worthy spots into the boneyard along the way. In fact, we should recognize the supporters at places like the Black Squirrel, Fuel Pizza, the Source, and Duffy’s Irish Pub. Though ultimately these spots didn’t fly all the way to the championship, they put in a good fight thanks to their loyal followings.

BonChon fans showed up in droves, too. There was a point in the competition when it seemed inevitable that this Korean wing chain would rise to the top of the pecking order. But in the end, Bloomingdale rallied around its new neighborhood bar, where you can get hot and honey chicken wings, or a veggie version made with seitan. Yes, feathered friends, it’s with great pleasure that we now declare Boundary Stone the Wing Wars champion! Thanks very much for playing, and check back in coming months for more such competitions. Speaking of which, here’s a final poll to send you into April.

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  • Gilbert

    West Indian - There is a decent West Indian population in DC and Southern Maryland and they have brought with them the flavors of the Caribbean Islands (West Indies) which is a melange of African, Native Indian, East Indian, Chinese, French, Spanish, English and Portuguese flavors and ingredients. The there's alot more in the West Indies than just Jamaican Jerk Chicken.

  • CSC

    Since it's getting warmer, what about Gelato/Frozen Treats

  • Jessica074


  • Poopoo

    I would like a tournament of click-whoring local food tournaments

  • AdamLovesFood

    Sushi for sure

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