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British social media spying, State of the Union drinking venues, and more to absorb tonight. By Benjamin Freed

Mayor-for-life Marion Barry was in the hospital for 16 days fighting a blood infection. [Capital Comment]

Columbia Mall reopens after weekend shooting. [Baltimore Sun]

The British are also spying on social media, using the delightful code name "Squeaky Dolphin." [NBC News]

The National Zoo has two new lion cubs, and two new lion cams. [Capital Comment]

Former Republican Senator John Warner endorses Democrat Mark Warner for reelection. [Post]

Listen to the first part of this series on DC's crack epidemic. [WAMU]

Infamous New Republic fabricator Stephen Glass will not be a lawyer in California. [Gawker]

Where to drink, eat, and drink your way through tomorrow's State of the Union. [Best Bites]

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Small-plates hysteria reaches new heights, the National Zoo has a new, non-panda arrival, and more to feast on this weekend. By Benjamin Freed

Virginia Williams, mother of former DC Mayor Anthony Williams, died Thursday in Los Angeles at 87. [Post]

DC mayoral candidate Jack Evans went on the radio and compared Mayor Vince Gray to Richard Nixon. [Loose Lips]

A former Senate staffer who was arrested on child porn charges was found dead in an apparent suicide. [Capital Comment]

Netflix premieres a new documentary about Mitt Romney tonight, in case it's too damn cold to go out. [After Hours]

Small-plate insanity has reached the point where there is now an exhibit about small plates. [After Hours]

Now before the United Nations: the name of our local NFL team. [Capital Comment]

Move over, panda. The National Zoo just marked the birth of an even more endangered species—this Micronesian Kingfisher:

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Idiot loses wedding ring at snowball fight, Bob McDonnell’s lawyer is out of town, and more to know tonight. By Benjamin Freed

Bob and Maureen McDonnell asked a judge to delay their arraignment because their lawyer is out of the country. The judge said no. [Post]

At least the McDonnells will arrive in court looking very stylish. [Capital Comment]

District to keep four addtional shelters open 24 hours a day as deep freeze continues. []

Man attends Dupont Circle snowball fight, proceeds to lose wedding ring. [City Desk]

The average DC household spends $250 a month on utilities. [Washington Business Journal]

Are women terrorists potentially superior to men? [Capital Comment]

Believe it or not, the Wizards could get to a .500 record very soon. [Post]

Bar Pilar launches new menu and $5 cocktails during happy hour. [PoPville]

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Gas leaks under city streets, more toxic waste in Spring Valley, and more to worry about tonight. By Benjamin Freed

Ferris wheel to tide over National Harbor visitors until the casino gets built. [Capital Comment]

Chevy Chase, DC, is considered the fourth-hottest neighborhood in the entire country for 2014. [Open House]

Researchers find 6,000 natural gas leaks in District's aging pipe network. [Post]

Also, 11 years in, the Army is still digging up World War I-era toxic waste in Spring Valley. [Capital Comment]

Cornerback DeAngelo Hall says his current employer should change its name. [Capital Comment]

DC's mayoral candidates like being compared to Bill de Blasio, but not to San Francisco. [Loose Lips]

Merger between American Airlines and US Airways means fewer flights from Reagan National to small cities. [WAMU]

Cleveland Park steak frites joint Medium Rare gets a Capitol Hill offshoot. [Best Bites]

A users guide to this weekend's panda gawking. [Capital Comment]

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A beloved bartender faces deportation, Jim Moran quits Congress, and more to get through the evening. By Benjamin Freed

Exhale a bit: the House passed a spending bill three days before the government is due to run out of money. [Post]

Marijuana decriminalization moves forward in DC Council, but majority wants legalization. [Capital Comment]

District offers cab drivers incentives to get their taxis repainted. [City Desk]

DC Mayoral candidate Andy Shallal wins crucial Wire primary with George Pelecanos's endorsement. [Capital Comment]

Well-liked bartender JP Caceres is currently sitting in a deportation center and fighting to remain in the country. [Best Bites]

Representative Jim Moran, a Democrat from Northern Virginia, is retiring. [ARLNow]

American Eagle will open a store in downtown DC in mid-2015. [Washington Business Journal]

Tribes at Studio Theatre is very good. Runs through February 23. [After Hours]

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A hotline for the Silver Line, Bronx cheers for Michel Richard's New York restaurant, and more to chew on tonight. By Benjamin Freed

Mayor Vince Gray leads a poll in the DC mayoral race, but he's vulnerable. [Capital Comment]

Phase 1 of the Silver Line isn't even open yet, but there's a hotline for Phase 2. [Dr. Gridlock]

The Boston Globe says it's time for Washington's football team to retire its name. [Boston Globe]

NSA leaker Edward Snowden gets a new job with the Press Freedom Foundation. [National Journal]

Michelle Obama's gown from last year's inauguration is now on display at the National Museum of American History. [Shop Around]

Area zoo to use Instagram to hype giant panda cub. [Capital Comment]

Michel Richard's new restaurant in New York City is getting some mediocre reviews. [Best Bites]

Members of Congress read nasty tweets about themselves. [Capital Comment]

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Restaurant week begins, RGIII vents, and more to start the week. By Benjamin Freed

Carry some extra cash, because more than 700 taxis are about to lose their credit-card readers. [Capital Comment]

Clinton administration consigliere Vernon Jordan will lead Howard University's search for a new president. [Post]

Seems like everyone running for mayor of DC wants to be Bill de Blasio. [Capital Comment]

Former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell left office by "pranking" Terry McAuliffe with a stuffed bear. [National Journal]

Former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli left office by issuing briefs against abortion and same-sex marriage. [Virginian-Pilot]

DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier wants to hire more cops. [WAMU]

Restaurant Week begins, and many of the places that made Washingtonian's 100 Very Best list are participating. [Best Bites]

Robert Griffin III vents over criticism from cranky fans. [Facebook]

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St. E’s gets an ice slide, Bryce Harper insists he’s not fat, and other things for this weekend. By Benjamin Freed

LivingSocial CEO Tim O’Shaughnessy announced his plans to resign. [Capital Comment]

Federal judge awards flea-market Renoir to go back to Baltimore Museum of Art. [Balitmore Sun]

CNN is really playing up the the “Tommy Carcetti for President” chatter. [Post]

One final insult from the government shutdown: Some tax returns will be delayed. [WAMU]

The Gateway Pavilion at St. Elizabeths now has an “ice slide.” [DCist]

Reporter’s mild-mannered lunch ruined when President Obama shows up to the Coupe in Columbia Heights. [Roll Call]

Bryce Harper not fat, according to Bryce Harper. [DC Sports Bog]

Mexican bar El Rey opens tonight on U Street, Northwest. It’s built from shipping containers. [Best Bites]

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A new coach for the Redskins, a new librarian for DC, and more stuff to consider tonight. By Benjamin Freed

Most members of Congress are worth more than $1 million. [Capital Comment]

Virginia only has 40 doctors for 30,000 prisoners. [WAMU]

Congressional Republicans are meddling with DC abortion rights again. [Capital Comment]

DC's new head librarian is Richard Reyes-Gavilan, who's leaving the Brooklyn Public Library. [Post]

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, who might have an interesting weekend coming up, apologized for his gifts scandal. [Richmond Times-Dispatch]

New head coach Jay "Bro of Chucky" Gruden says 3-13 football team has "a core foundation in place." [Capital Comment]

Imaginary political fixer Olivia Pope would have handled very real Governor Chris Christie's problems in a minute. [Reliable Source]

Chef John Mooney's Bidwell opened today in Union Market. [Best Bites]

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Vince Gray opens up about his ethical scandals, Chris Brown's wild day in DC court, and more to talk about tonight. By Benjamin Freed

DC Mayor Vince Gray apologizes for scandals revolving around his 2010 campaign. [WUSA9]

Haile Selassie gave the District some elephant tusks in 1954. They were stolen last year. [Capital Comment]

The National Book Festival is moving off the Mall. [Capital Comment]

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley says no to legalized weed. So much for Hamsterdam. [Post]

Chris Brown rejected a plea deal in his October assault arrest. He'll be back in DC court next month. [City Desk]

Washington's movie theater boom continues. [Open House]

Cincinnati Bengals assistant coach Jay Gruden is the apparent frontrunner for NFL's worst job. [Post]

Weather in 2013 was "remarkably normal," aside from a wet December. [Capital Weather Gang]

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