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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries to be Announced June 25

Dr. Mohammed Akhter, head of the Department of Health, says he hopes to have the dispensaries open for business by August.

The DC Department of Health says it will announce the city’s medical marijuana dispensaries on Monday, June 25. In late May, DOH announced the names of the cultivation centers that will grow the marijuana—all of which are in Northeast. The dispensaries are expected to be spread around the city, but still number only five.

In April, Dr. Mohammed Akhter, who as head of DOH is implementing the city’s medical marijuana program, said he hoped to get the dispensaries announced by the middle of June and open for business in August. The review process was to have been completed last month.

Akhter said there are many applicants for the coveted dispensary licenses. His office released a list of the highest-scoring applicants—in other words, the “provisional” leaders of the pack. Out of 17 bidders, there were four that made the list: Herbal Alternatives at 1147 20th Street, Northwest; Metropolitan Wellness Center Corporation at 409 Eighth Street, Southeast; Takoma Wellness Center at 6925 Blair Road, Northwest; and VentureForth, LLC DBACenter City Care.

Read our interview with Akhter from April.

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  • ivf

    Only 5 is really low number for Marijuana. I was reading article about Korean medical facilities yesterday and I found that the rate of external international patient has been increased 14% since 2011. International Patients Are Choosing South KoreaI thought they find doctors of Korea more professional and satisfaction of treatment would be the second reason. If you though any one better then show it!

  • Opening twenty five dispensaries too much it is a good news for us.Waiting anxiously for it to be open.

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