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Spotted: Bradley Cooper at the Tombs With a New Possible Girlfriend

The pair sat alone in a cozy corner booth.

Bradley Cooper being interviewed at an earlier White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. Photograph by Carol Ross Joynt.

We’re told that Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper was at the Tombs in Georgetown last night, tucked into a back booth, with a possible new girlfriend, and that after enjoying the comforts of the legendary Georgetown University haunt he left a big tip.

Cooper is a GU alum, and visits the campus often when he’s in Washington.

Cooper seems to have a new girlfriend almost quarterly. Previously he was linked to Zoe Saldana, while of late he’s been making the rounds with British model Suki Waterhouse. But our sources say on Sunday night he was with someone else, a woman named “Alex.” No one else joined them at their corner booth in the pub’s wood-paneled and cozy main room.

Cooper is in town to attend today’s National Conference on Mental Health at the White House, an issue he’s been advocating for since appearing in the hit film Silver Linings Playbook. In that film, which earned him a Best Actor Oscar nomination, he portrayed a character with bipolar disorder. President Obama will open the conference, and Vice President Biden is expected to deliver closing remarks.

  • Hoya

    And he actually graduated in 1997 which would have made this 16 years, not 15... But don't let facts stand in the way.

  • MarkH

    Actually, he is here for the mental health event at the White House. Glenn Close and Bradley Cooper are both participating. You might check the news before you decide to post a snarky comment.

  • Hoya Sexy

    or he was here for his 15th reunion, but dont let facts stand in the way of a pointless story....

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