Jack Evans Decides to Adjourn Hearing on DC’s Tax Office Management Until After the Nationals Game

A hearing scheduled for 9 AM tomorrow will take a break during the team’s playoff game against the Cardinals.

By: Harry Jaffe

Council member Jack Evans has decided to adjourn his much-anticipated hearing on management of DC’s tax office during tomorrow’s day game between the Washington Nationals and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Evans chairs the council’s finance and revenue committee. He’s also a dedicated Nationals fan and helped get Nats Park built. His committee is scheduled to hold a hearing Wednesday on reports that the tax office, under the leadership of CFO Natwar Gandhi, has gaps in accounting and information flow that could allow for malfeasance. The hearing is much anticipated.

But the baseball game could be even more anticipated. The first pitch of the first Major League playoff game in DC in 79 years is scheduled for 1:05 PM.

What to do?

The hearing was scheduled to start at 10 AM. Evans moved it up an hour to 9. The session might have taken a break for lunch at noon. Evans decided to adjourn until 5 PM, when he and other fans can return to the city’s business.

Will Evans take heat? Of course. But he avoids divided attention.

Chance are Gandhi will not testify until the evening session, after public witnesses, who will appear in the morning.