The Search Is On for DC’s “Sexiest Bachelor”

“Inside Edition” says candidates include an NFL player, a NASA employee, and a political aspirant.

By: Carol Ross Joynt

What will DC’s Sexiest Bachelor look like? Image via Shutterstock.

In a city where the résumé is an essential piece of self, only time will tell whether this latest item could be a résumé-builder. Inside Edition, the syndicated magazine broadcast, is in the process of searching for DC’s Sexiest Bachelor. The deadline for applications was this past weekend, and though the show won’t name names, we learned that the finalists include “a gentleman who works at NASA, an NFL player, a professor at the University of the District of Columbia, a lawyer, and a mentalist who has future political aspirations.”

The submissions came to the show in a variety of ways, according to Inside Edition, including from several women who nominated the same man; family and friends made other nominations. All the men had to be bachelors, and all had to submit photos of themselves bare-chested. Lest anyone think it is solely a beauty contest, the show spokesperson said, “Physical appearance was not the only factor we were looking for—our search also considered the bachelor’s work, accomplishments, and personality.”

The next step is a photo shoot Wednesday afternoon at Vida Fitness at 1612 U Street, Northwest. The photos will be broadcast on Inside Edition, “where viewers will help pick the number one sexiest bachelor.”

Why DC and why now? “Each year we look for a city that is ‘hot,’ said the spokesperson. DC is known for having some of the most attractive bachelors in the country, and it's one of our favorite cities. Why now? Easy enough—the spokesperson says Inside Edition is on at a new time: 3:30 PM on WUSA-Channel 9.

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