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Overlooked: The Best Missed Connections of the Week

Every Friday, for some fun reading, we bring you the area’s best Missed Connections on Craigslist.

In an ideal world, that tall brunette with the pink dress who let you borrow a pen at 14th and P would recognize herself from the vivid description in your Missed Connections post (and then fall madly in love with you). But some Craigslisters seem to be setting themselves up for failure by including few, if any, clues as to who exactly they’re trying to find. This week, we collected the vaguest postings out there. They could be written for almost anyone—maybe even you!

meeting past week–m4w–35 (northern va)
Date: 2009-08-02, 6:32PM EDT

we had a meeting this past week in northern virginia… i am hoping you get the hint. good looking guy from northern va

No hints here.

gas station–m4w
Date: 2009-08-05, 5:40PM EDT

you asked me if i knew where the closest gas station was. I was not sure. You were very atractive. We should have kept talking. Tell me somethings about me so i know it’s you.

This could have happened in Omaha for all we know.

You live in DC.–w4m–22 (Not DC)
Date: 2009-08-05, 1:08AM EDT

…and I dont. But we met in my hometown at a bar that we have never been to. I will be up there in a couple of weeks. Drinks?

Huh? You met at a bar that you have never been to?

Blonde Beauty at Giant–m4w–49 (Ashburn)
Date: 2009-08-06, 2:59PM EDT

Your beautiful smile brightened up my day. You took my breath away and I couldn’t manage to say anything but hi and bye. I would love to get together and talk to you sometime. Drop me a line and we can plan a rendezvous.

Maybe by being so vague, he’s just hoping to attract any blonde at all?

Date: 2009-08-05, 1:50PM EDT

Feeling kind of bummed today. Could have really used your hugs and smile.

When am I going to stop waking up and missing you? It’s been too long already.

Woman seeking male … so that narrows things down to, um, half the population.

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