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Redskins Ask Fans to Push Back on DC Council Vote on Team’s Name

A resolution calling the team’s name “derogatory” is certain to pass.

Dan Snyder is asking fans of his football team to blast the e-mail accounts and jam the phone lines at the DC Council today ahead of a vote on a resolution denouncing the team’s name, even though the resolution is toothless and merely represents a “sense of the Council” that the term “Redskins” is derogatory.

The resolution will easily pass with a majority of council members signed on as co-sponsors, but the NFL team isn’t taking the empty admonishment without a fight. “As a resident of DC and a constituent, we encourage you to share with your DC City Councilmembers what #RedskinsPride means to you, your family and friends,” the team wrote in an e-mail to fans and season ticket holders today.

The council’s resolution has no authority over the team, of course, but it is a strongly phrased rejection of the club’s imagery. “Washington’s name has been dishonored by association with the word ‘Redskins,’” the document reads. The team’s plea for fans to call their council members follows on an open letter last month from Snyder in which he defended the team’s 81-year-old name.

So far, the effort hasn’t materialized into a flood of correspondence, says Karen Sibert, spokeswoman for council chairman Phil Mendelson.

Read the team’s full e-mail:

On Tuesday, the DC City Council will be discussing the Redskins name. As a resident of DC and a constituent, we encourage you to share with your DC City Councilmembers what #RedskinsPride means to you, your family and friends. Let the DC City Council hear from you directly: call, fax, email, or tweet your opinion directly to the councilmembers. Please forward this to other DC Redskins fans so that they can have their voices heard as well. Note: while the DC City Council has no authority to force any name change for the team, it’s still important for them to hear from you!

  • Kewa.Yuchi

    The argument I hear isn't there is better things for Natives to worry about besides a name change yet Dan Snyder is fighting to keep a name. Double edge sword... I was interviewed in high school asking, about a school in my district, how I felt about their Rskins name, and even then I was over it. This was 7yrs ago, I can only imagine that it had been talked about sometime before they even asked a youth. This mascot issue has been long talked about and I don't know why just now is it being a National concern but this discussion has been going on for years. All I can ask is that you look at the issue from a Native who's ancestors are the ones that they formed the R-word from.

  • Change the Mascot

    Sign the petition: Washington Redskins: It's Time to Change the Name

  • Pablo

    It's time to find something better to do with your time.

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