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Because It’s Friday: The Cutest Photos of President Obama With Kids

POTUS goes way beyond just kissing babies.

Official White House photo by Pete Souza.

Kissing babies is a standard part of most politicians’ repertoire—but President Obama, it seems, goes above and beyond. He pretends to get caught in Tiny Spiderman’s web. He plays hide-and-seek in the Oval Office and lets little kids sit on the Resolution Desk. And, like any normal dad, he celebrates the winter with his daughters by diving into snow piles.

So because it’s not the weekend yet and it’s STILL cold outside and you deserve something fun to look at, here are our 15 favorite pictures of POTUS with children. Happy Friday.

Bonus adorable points: Check out the video Obama made with Kid President to announce this year’s White House Easter Egg Roll. Make sure to watch it all the way to the end. It’s “so Reagan.”

  • Joseph McCoy

    And he would kill his unborn grandchildren without a second thought...Wouldn't want to be burdened having to support his relatives.

  • Court

    This is getting weird.

  • sallyshep

    Wait until these kids become aware of how much money they will be responsible for paying back after all of Obama's out of control government expansion is totally in place. And frankly, I don't think America needs any more photo ops with the President being cute and charming. We never see him sitting at his desk working, do we?

  • Brickendale

    This is like Jim Jones all over again.

  • NewsBusters: Doesn't Everyone Celebrate the Weekend by Dwelling on Cute Obama Photos?

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