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Food Diaries: How Runner Emily Halnon Eats for a Day

The Sweat Once a Day blogger needs two breakfasts to keep herself fueled up.

Emily Halnon is one busy girl. The 27-year-old is on a mission to run a marathon in all 50 states and the District. But running isn’t her only addiction: Halnon loves her triathlons, too. So naturally she needs plenty of fuel to get her through her multiple workouts. 

We asked Halnon to keep track of everything she ate for one day, and she stepped up to the challenge—though she later admitted some goodies were wolfed down too fast to get a photo. So goes the life of a tri-sport athlete.

Photographs by Emily Halnon.

Pre-Workout Breakfast: A toasted whole-wheat English muffin with honey. “My workout was a 12-mile goal pace run around Hains Point.”

Post-Workout Breakfast: Whole wheat English muffin with Laughing Cow cheese and hardboiled eggs. “I consider myself a ‘meat minimalist,’ so I try to start every day with some eggs to get a healthy dose of protein and help refuel my muscles after my morning workout. You’ll notice the salt shaker in the background, which plays a starring role in the majority of my meals. Some people store mints and gum at their desks; I make sure to have plenty of salt on hand.”

Snack 1: Peanut butter Puffins. “Also known as ‘snack crack.’”

Snack 2: Cherries

Lunch: “Whole-wheat English muffin with string cheese, a veggie burger, and pickles. Served with a side of edamame—once again, heavily salted. And yes, I buy English muffins by the truckload.”

Snack 3: “A homemade vegan salted chocolate chip cookie from a coworker. Not pictured because it was inhaled too quickly to be photographed.”

Snack 4: “A honey-pretzel Luna bar. Consumed before workout number two, a six-mile run and one hour of Pilates at my favorite studio, Fuse Pilates.”

Dinner: “A Sweetgreen salad with spinach, tofu, grapes, chickpeas, beets, mint, feta, carrots, peaches, cucumber, a lemon squeeze, and cucumber-basil-yogurt dressing. Food bloggers use pretty placemats; I use Nuun towels.”

Post-dinner: “Cocktails made with Nuun, my favorite hydration supplement, as a mixer. It’s all about a healthy balance.”

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  • Guest

    Product pushing much?

  • guest #2

    i really enjoy these features, but i think it would be great if they included a nutritional report for the day.

  • Jameson

    I would imagine that the caloric intake came in more around 4000 calories. Whole wheat english muffins can run upwards of 200 each, salt aka sodium is loaded with calories. Vegan cookie in itself is probably 500. Not to mention the actual quantities aren't measured for the snacks. Professional Ironman athletes consume 4000-5000 calories a day with many more miles of running alongside biking and swimming workouts. Being a personal trainer I would say she is eating fairly accurately as according to her workouts. Being that she is able to run 18 miles, and eat what she did and look that cheerful at the end of the day, I'd say she has plenty of energy aka calories and is spot on. Way to be Ms. Halnon.

  • Salt aka sodium has no energy aka calories.... as a personal trainer you should know that already, though?

  • Guest

    Aren't you her brother?

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