5 Extremely Helpful (and Free) Health Apps To Download Now

Test your vision and get your burning health questions answered by doctors with these apps.

By: Melissa Romero

Mobile health apps have become a powerful tool for patients and health professionals alike. From helping folks track their calorie intake to acting as a sleep aid, tons of “mHealth” tools are available at our finger tips. Read on for our current favorite overall health apps, then head to the comments section and let us know yours.


Available for:
iPhone, iPad, Android
Upon launching, the app displays a warning that the vision test should not be used as a substitute for a trip to your opthamologist, but the test is still fun nonetheless. While holding your phone at arm’s length and covering either your left or right eye, you’ll take a series of vision tests to determine your level of astigmatism, color blindness, and visual acuity (clarity or sharpness of vision). Once you’ve completed your test, you can search a database of local opthamologists.


Available for:
iPhone, iPad, Android
With HealthTap, forget enduring minutes of hold music while waiting to talk to your doctor. Patients can send in any question they might have regarding their health, and real live doctors will answer. Once answered, other doctors can weigh in and either agree or disagree with what the first doc told you.


Available for:
iPhone and iPad. Android version in the works.
We all have our go-to meds for certain ailments. But have you ever wondered what over-the-counter medications the true experts most often recommend for various conditions? The OTC Guide app was created by Pharmacy Times to serve as a guide for both pharmacists and patients. Who knew Benadryl was the top recommended sleep aid? Now we do.


Available for:
iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Kindle
WebMD remains everyone’s unofficial medical bible. Its app, Medscape, is a powerhouse of health information for both patients and health-care professionals. The app offers access to daily medical news and information about almost any illness or disorder imaginable.


Available for:
iPhone, iPad, and Android
(Sorry, guys, this one’s just for the ladies.) Have you ever had to rack your brain when your doctor asks the date of your last period? This app may be your savior next time, since you can track the start and end of each period, as well as mark your mood and be reminded when you’re ovulating. It’s great for those trying to (or trying not to!) get pregnant.

Let us know your favorite health apps in the comments!

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