Fit Check: The 2013 No-Gym Holiday Workout

Torch major calories this holiday season without ever stepping foot in a crowded gym.

By: Melissa Romero

The holiday season is in full swing—and so is the potential to pack on the calories. Blame it on the countless holiday parties tempting us with delicious desserts, cocktails, and hearty winter comfort foods. But how are we supposed to make time for the gym when there’s so much to do before the year ends? We don’t have to, thanks to personal trainer Errick McAdams’ no-gym holiday workout. You may have to venture outside for this calorie-busting workout, but the two-part warm up will have you working up a sweat in no time.

Want to keep it indoors? Consider swapping the sprint portion for 15 seconds of jumping rope instead.

Warm up
30 jumping jacks
15 burpees (without push-up or jump)
Perform 3 sets.

Warm Up Part 2
20 high-knees in place.
20 butt kicks in place
Perform 2 sets.

The Workout
15-second sprint: Run as fast as you can while counting to 10 in your head. Stop running at 15.
Do 5, 10, or 15 push-ups depending on fitness level. (Regular push-ups or push-ups on your knees.)
Perform 10 sets.