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Make Your Life Easier: Time Wasters

Where does the time go?

What everyday activity eats up too much of your time?

We put that question to visitors to our Web site, The winner: commuting, which voters said is the biggest waste of their day.

Here's how assorted activities ranked, by percentage of vote, as time-wasters:

Commuting 36%
Watching TV 12%
Surfing the Web 11%
Cleaning the house 6%
Doing laundry 6%
Dealing with spam 5%
Sorting throughjunk mail 4%
Running errands 4%
Making dinner/grocery shopping 3%
Handling paperwork/bill paying 3%
Waiting for home-repair help 2%
Waiting in doctors' offices 2%
Dealing with health insurance 2%
Fixing things aroundthe house 1%
Taking care ofthe yard 1%
Driving the kids around 1%
Other 1%

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