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Top Nephrologists

Nephrologists specialize in the treatment of kidney disease.

This article is from the 2005 version of Top Doctors. For Washingtonian's 2008 Top Doctors, please click here

Ali R. Assefi, offices at FOAKS and in Sterling, Purcellville; hospital privileges also at RES, FRFX, ALEX, PW, LOU, POT, MV. Special interest in chronic renal failure.

Raymond A. Bass, Wheaton, Rockville; SG, HC, WADV, MONT, SUB.

Anthony D. Bivins, WHC, PROV; SOMD, HC, GSE, GWU, GU.

Varshasb Broumand, FOAKS, Manassas, Woodbridge; RES, FRFX, ALEX, PW, LOU, POT, MV.

Steven A. Burka, Chevy Chase; GU, GWU, SIB, WHC, SUB. Special interest in acute and chronic renal failure, hypertension.

Ranjit Cheriyan, VHC, Fairfax; ALEX, FRFX, NVC.

Stefan Dosa, Downtown DC; GWU, WHC. Special interest in transplants, paraproteinemia, dialysis.

Edward J. Dudek, Downtown DC; WHC, GWU. Special interest in dialysis, hypertension.

Gilbert M. Eisner, Downtown DC; GU, GWU, WHC. Internist.

Robert D. Fildes, Fairfax; FRFX. Special interest in pediatrics.

Michael Gelfand, Bethesda; GU, SIB.

Kenneth L. Geoly, Fairfax; FRFX, FOAKS, RES.

Susan M. Ginsburg, WHC; PROV.

Stephen G. Goldberger, Alexandria, Clinton; MV, SOMD, FRFX.

Robert E. Greenspan, Woodbridge; POT, ALEX, PW, MV, FRFX, FOAKS, RES, LOU.

Violet Habwe, Northwest DC; WHC, GWU.

Barry Hecht, Wheaton; HC, WADV, SUB, SG, MONT.

Stephen M. Hellman, Rockville; HC, SG, SUB, MONT. Internist.

Andrew D. Howard, Clinton, Alexandria; FRFX, MV, SOMD.

Kanwal K. Kher, Fairfax, Frederick, Annapolis. Concentration in pediatrics.

Paul L. Kimmel, Northwest DC; GWU. Special interest in chronic kidney disease, HIV, kidney disease, kidney stones.

Saeed J. Kronfli, WADV; HC, SUB, SG.

Bruce E. Lessin, McLean; VHC. Also in Internal Medicine.

Susie Q. Lew, Downtown DC; GWU.

Robert C. Mackow, FOAKS, Fairfax; ALEX, FRFX, RES, PW, LOU, POT, MV. Special interest in chronic renal failure.

David L. Mahoney, Alexandria; FRFX, ALEX, MV, POT, FOAKS, RES, LOU, PW.

Jack Moore Jr., WHC.

Franco Musio, Fairfax, Springfield, Sterling; RES, FOAKS, FRFX, ALEX, PW, LOU, POT, MV.

Jenny J. Nazzal, FOAKS, Springfield, Fairfax, Sterling; RES, FRFX, ALEX, PW, LOU, POT, MV.

A. Kaldun Nossuli, Bethesda; SG, SUB. Internist.

Samir S. Patel, Downtown DC; GWU.

Jeffrey A. Perlmutter, Rockville; SG, HC, SUB, MONT. Internist.

Steven M. Pollak, Greenbelt; PG, LAU, DOC.

Thomas A. Rakowski, VHC; FRFX, ALEX, NVC, FOAKS.

Mark S. Rosen, Wheaton; HC, WADV, SUB, SG, MONT.

Philip J. Schwartz, Rockville; SG, HC, SUB, WADV. Also in Internal Medicine.

Samir F. Shabshab, Clinton, Alexandria; FRFX, MV, SOMD.

Anne N. Thompson, Downtown DC; WHC, GWU.

Stephen Vaccarezza, Rockville; HC, MONT, SUB, SG. Internist.

Christopher Wilcox, GU. Special interest in hypertension. Internist.

Lynne P. Yao, Fairfax; GU. FRFX. Special interest in pediatrics.

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