Chef-Approved Kitchen Gadget Gifts

Need a holiday gift for the cook in your life? Forget the garlic press and check out what these local chefs recommend.

December 2005

Café Mozu pastry chef James Satterwhite says Flexipan muffin and cake molds ($79.70 from have "revolutionized pastry."

IndeBleu's Vikram Garg uses a granite mortar and pestle ($24.95 at Sur la Table in DC and Virginia; to grind spices.

Janis McLean, executive chef at Red Dog Cafe, likes double-sided silicon spatulas ($7.95 at Sur la Table)–good for getting into mustard jars and mixing bowls alike. And she swears by Victorinox serrated paring knives ($4.99 at

Jamie Leeds of Hank's Oyster Bar loves her KitchenAid immersion blender ($49.99 at Target; six area stores; for fast soups and sauces.


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