Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe and Grill

March 2004 Dirt Cheap Eats

Dinner can get pricey at this bookstore-and-restaurant combo, but who needs a full meal late at night? A $14 order of Sharezies–three different appetizers–is a cheap treat with a cute name served in a three-tiered wrought-iron rack: Good friends skip the plates and just reach. Choices range from nachos and Thai Water Buffalo Wings to steamed mussels and catfish fingers. For an extra $2, the platter can include grilled Moroccan lamb tenderloin or three jumbo gulf shrimp. A pitcher of beer with the Sharezies is an additional $7.

While you're in the sharing mood, finish the evening with a Dysfunctional Family Sundae ($6.25)–vanilla ice cream on an amaretto-soaked chocolate brownie with hot fudge, nuts, whipped cream, and raspberry purée. It'll feed at least four.