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An Election Night Out: Good Times with Gloria Dittus

At one of the swankier private viewing parties of the evening, Hill staff and K Street powerbrokers watched to see how their jobs would change over the next two years.

Hostess Gloria held court as the results came in.

What: The Red & Blue Bipartisan Election Bash

Where: The Kalorama home of Gloria Dittus, she of Dittus Communications fame, the house being the former residence of Ambassador Sol Linowitz, who negotiated the Panama Canal Treaty.

When: 7 p.m. until late

Who: Overall the guest list consisted of Hill staffers, lobbyists, lawyers, some media, close friends of Gloria, and naturally, a gaggle of Dittus employees. Some of the bigger names in attendance at the party were former Congressman Bob Walker, who is now with Wexler & Walker, and Cal Dooley, also a former congressman and the event co-host, who was there with his wife Linda. Peggy Hudson, BP vice president was another co-host of the event. Dittus client Robert Holleyman of the Business Software Alliance attended, as did Joe Kelliher, chair of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and his wife, Karen.

Food: A spread of finger foods included spring rolls, cocktail shrimp, quiche, chicken wings, deviled eggs, mini pizza bagels, and kielbasa. There was also a chicken, shrimp and scallop pot pie casserole, ham or pot roast for the really hungry guests.

Beverage of choice: According to one bartender manning one of the many open bars scattered throughout the house, the most popular drink of the night was vodka tonic.  

Scene: Although the dress was somewhat formal, the comfort of meandering around the Dittus household, complete with dog underfoot, seemed to put all the 200+ guests at ease.  The schmoozing was just as important as the politics, and a 50/50 crowd of young professionals and the more established members of the power class were socializing and having a good time — undoubtedly due, in part, to the chattiness that free booze always seems to bring on at a party.  Many guests gathered around the TVs at peak excitement points to discuss what was currently happening on the election front.

Election activities: Upon entrance, each guest received an “Official Election Watch Score Booklet” and golf pencil to keep track of the night’s races.  Each room was rigged with a big screen TV, so no matter what room you migrated to, you could keep your scorecard updated — although nobody seemed to actually be using it.

Highlight of the night: Getting to meet the hostess and social butterfly extraordinaire, Gloria…even if it was only for three seconds.

Bold Face Guests: 1 (out of 5)
Swankiness: 3 (out of 5)
Food/Drinks: 5 (out of 5)
Overall Exclusivity: 3 (out of 5)

Total score: 12 (out of 20)

Guests schmoozed, watched the results, and munched away.
Gloria’s dog wandered around and didn’t know what to make of all the interlopers.

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