Post Watch: Harry Jaffe will be on Post Radio Friday, July 27 to Discuss Station Ratings

In my Post Watch column in the August issue of The Washingtonian, I wrote that the Washington Post had blown its opportunity to make a success of its radio station, WTWP — 1500AM. The station's temporary morning radio jock — David Burd — did not take kindly to my assertion that ratings for his time slot dropped when he replaced Washington Post star Tony Kornheiser.Burd has said nasty things about me all week long. Against the advice of my co-workers and family, I have agreed to appear on the Tony Kornheiser Show tomorrow morning at 8:45 — so that I can explain how I came to the conclusion about the ratings. They fear I will be eviscerated by the cutting wit and commentary of Tony's replacement, Mr. Burd. He seems to have taken my column about the failings of Washington Post radio very personally. 

I am trembling with fear at the "beat down" Burd and his radio posse have promised to administer tomorrow morning.

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