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Screen on the Green Isn’t Only About the Movies—Here’s How to Get the Most Out of the Experience

The eighth annual Screen on the Green kicked off last Monday night with Annie Hall, and revelers were out in force. Yet for those new to the practice of sprawling out on the Mall, it might seem everyone else is more prepared than you: unpacking delicious spreads of goodies when you forgot to buy dinner or leaning back in comfy lawn chairs when you’re without even a blanket. But don’t get jealous—there are some easy ways to better enjoy the show.1. A blanket is a must, but if you don’t want to invest in, or carry around, chairs—low chairs, mind you—then a pillow is key to being able to lounge and still see the screen.

2. Arriving anywhere from one to three hours before the show is part of the experience—spots front and center go to the early birds—so aside from enjoying a picnic dinner, bringing a deck of cards is a good way to make the time fly.

3. For those who forget to bring food, concession stands around the Mall sell snacks such as French fries and ice cream; $3 gets you a lemon or raspberry Italian ice.

4. After eating, wet naps and bug spray will make all the difference when the sun goes down.

5. Plan to stay late—the show doesn’t start until after sunset, around 8:30 PM these days.

Showing tonight: Wait Until Dark, starring Audrey Hepburn.