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How to Save the Post

How can the Washington Post keep readers and attract new ones?

Post Watch readers continue to respond to requests for ways to help our hometown daily keep up its circulation, which is suffering in a changing news world. Many want it to quit leaning to the left; others wish it would stop cheerleading for the Iraq war.

John from Bethesda wants more news:

“The Post’s ombudsman recently analyzed the columnists at the newspaper to see if there was enough racial and gender diversity. She concluded that while the list of 61 columnists is a little heavy on white males, the answer is to find more columnists. A countersuggestion that might save the Post: Take at least 50 of those 61 columnists and make reporters out of them. Give them beats like the FDA, the SEC, and courthouses and hospitals throughout the region.

“Start giving us news about the Washington region we can’t get anywhere else. Stop giving us so much attitude and opinion.”

Agree with John? Disagree? Send suggestions to savethepost AT washingtonian DOT com. And check here for more comments.

This piece originally appeared in the August 2007 edition of the magazine.