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Capital Countdown

Get your head 'round these numbers.


Rank of Washington region as the best US city for singles, according to Forbes magazine.


Rank of Washington as the best city for young singles, according to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance.


Number of states visited by President Bush while in office. The one exception? Vermont, which also had the distinction of being one of the four states never visited by President Reagan.


Number of times in the last ten years that Representative Jim Sensenbrenner, an heir to the Kimberly-Clark paper fortune, has won the lottery.


The most Sensenbrenner has won, from the DC lottery in 1997. He won $1,000 last year in the Wisconsin lottery, then won another grand in August during a Super 2nd Chance drawing after mailing in losing tickets.

1 in 5,000

—Odds, according to the Wisconsin lottery, of a person winning the lottery just once.


Amount Metrobus lost during a morning systemwide farebox outage in September, which resulted in passengers’ receiving a free ride.


Average number of miles a Metrobus travels between repairs.