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A Night Out: No Skates? No Problem!

Capitals help raise $8,000 at Tabaq Bistro for Children’s National Medical Center

Washington Capitals Brooks Laich, Steve Eminger and Mike Green look pretty composed, considering they just danced the “Macarena” at the U Street party.

What: A typical Saturday night at Tabaq Bistro—with the exception of a few NHL stars roaming the dance floors. The Washington Capitals and District Trust Charities sponsored the party, with proceeds benefiting Children’s National Medical Center.

A six-foot-two defenseman from Calgary, Canada, Mike Green was drafted by the Capitals in the first round of the 2004 NHL Entry Draft.

Where: Tabaq Bistro, 1336 U St., NW.

When: Saturday, November 3, 10 PM to 2 AM.

Who: Less than 24 hours after falling to the Philadelphia Flyers by one goal, the Washington Capitals were in a very celebratory mood. Center Brooks Laich, who said he was still feeling inspired by the team’s visit to Children’s on October 15, arrived at Tabaq with defensemen Mike Green and Steve Eminger at 9:30.

“When we went to the hospital three weeks ago, it really hit home, just talking to the families and seeing how everyone perseveres,” Laich said. “It’s awesome being able to help out and meet some people involved behind the scenes who don’t get enough credit.”

Food: The kitchen was closed at this Mediterranean restaurant.

Drink: Bartenders kept busy in three locations: on the main level, in the more intimate basement, and on the glass-enclosed terrace. An open bar was located in the VIP lounge, but a $100 wristband was required for access.

Pickup line of the night:
“Are you Christie’s boyfriend?” “No, I’m not.” “Oh, well, you’re much cuter than him anyway.”

Scene: Laich, Green, and Eminger were quite approachable, posing for pictures and schmoozing with partygoers throughout the night. The three converged on the main level at midnight with District Trust Charities president Brendan Shields and Children’s coordinator of special events Grace Easby-Smith and an hour later took off for their Ballston homes.

“I don’t go out to party much in this area,” Eminger said, “but it’s a really cool bar and a really great atmosphere.”

So what do three NHL players in their early twenties drink on a boys’ night out? When asked, Capitals director of community relations Elizabeth Wodatch quickly stepped in, squinched her face as if anxiously awaiting major test results, and said, “Can you write ‘water’?” Of course, Liz, but only because this was a charitable event.

In total, more than $8,000 was raised for the Children’s National Medical Center and its Kids Care Fund.

“Anytime you can help out kids, it’s great—whether at schools or hospitals or community centers,” Green said. “I’m in the position to help out and give back, and it’s a great feeling.”

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