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Sidewalk Style: Camille Saum

Welcome to Sidewalk Style, the feature where we photograph stylish people on the street and ask them about their fashion tips and ideas. This week we stopped Camille Saum in winter white. Sidewalk Style is written by Rachel Cothran of the local street-fas

Camille Saum.

Camille Saum (“I don’t do ages.”)
Designer, Camille Saum Interior Design, LLC

What she’s wearing:
Custom coatdress and hat from Design by Nicole in Olney: “Nicole is amazing. She’s able to translate what I want, and I’m very specific. The dress has horsehair stitched into the hem to give it structure.”

Where do you like to shop?
“Pirjo in Bethesda—period.”

How do you like to dress?
“I hardly ever leave the house without a hat. I don’t feel dressed without them. I have at least 30 stashed under the bed, in closets—everywhere!”

How does your design sensibility translate into how you approach personal style?
“Dorothy Draper comes to mind. She was bold and innovative, and that’s how I look at design and how I present myself. They are one and the same.”

What do you think of style in Washington?
“People aren’t as conscious of style here as they are in other cities. I think it’s important to not be afraid of being different. My sense of style is just a part of who I am, and I’m not afraid to be me. ‘Out of the box’ is my comfort zone. But it does take a little bit of effort.”

Rachel says:
This woman is my hero—period.