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Post Watch: Don Graham Needs Big Pay Raise

The Internet is up, the newspaper business is down, so no one would expect the top people at the Washington Post Company to be pulling down tens of millions of dollars a year like their counterparts in finance and entertainment. But they’re not suffering. According to 2007 filings, here are paychecks for the three best-paid Posties and their boss.


Diana Daniels

Title: vice president and general counsel

Joined the company: 1978

Salary: $355,000

Total compensation: $2.7 million

John B. Morse Jr.

Title: vice president of finance

Joined the company: 1989

Salary: $585,000

Total compensation: $2.4 million

Gerald Rosberg

Title: vice president of planning and development

Joined the company: 1996

Salary: $400,000

Total compensation: $1.6 million

Don Graham

Title: chair and CEO

Joined the company: 1971

Salary: $400,000

Total compensation: $865,708

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This article can be found in the April 2008 issue of The Washingtonian.

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