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Every Monday we let you know which articles from the print magazine have just gone up on the site. This week in May, we have. . .

What I've Learned: Robert Horan
For 40 years, Robert Horan put murderers and rapists away. He leaves office with continuing sympathy for their victims—and no regrets about those he sent to death row.

Gunslinger Stephen Hunter
Stephen Hunter, one of America’s top film critics, also writes novels filled with the guns and violence he loves in movies. Whether armed with a pen or a .45, he’s a force.

Deals: Booking a Bargain
A New York hotel takes half off its rate. And here are four good Mid-Atlantic resorts—with everything from golf to hiking to spas—that offer big values for spring and summer.

Pets: Keeping Sparky in Shape
If you give your pets lots of treats and feed them from the table, you might be making them fat. Here are tips on watching their weight.

Behind Every Great Senator Is a . . .Senate Spouse
Senate spouses are as much in the news today as the senators themselves.

Pol Loses! Lawyers Win!
Of all the angles played by Washington law firms, few can bring as much joy as having clients who aren’t playing with their own money.

The Battle to Save a Boy's Sight
Bobby Sliko was a bright, energetic teenager. When his vision began to dim, he didn’t want to bother his parents, so he kept his worries to himself. When he couldn’t hide it any longer, doctors found the cause—a brain tumor.

Robert Schlesinger's On All the Presidents' Speechwriters
Robert Schlesinger, political reporter and son of the late presidential historian and writer Arthur Schlesinger Jr., may have inherited dozens of bow ties—like his father, he wears one regularly—but he is reluctant to admit his career path was carved by his father.

Where the Price is Right
A report on real estate in brand-name neighborhoods, where the news is better than you might think.

Real Estate: City Living in the Suburbs
New downtowns are springing up with luxury condos, trendy restaurants, and fashionable shops.

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