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Good Morning, Washington! Here's what we're reading around the web this AM.

Make sure you avoid the Woodrow Wilson bridge this weekend. Starting tonight, several ramps will close as crews work on paving and striping connections from the highway to the bridge's new span.

Is Maryland responsible for the worst drivers in the region? Yes, according to D.C. Council member Jim Graham. He tells WJLA, "[Maryland drivers] have got to be the devil incarnate once they get behind the wheel." What do you think? We've seen our share of awful Maryland drivers, but Washingtonians are pretty terrible too.

We may not be the best behind the wheel, but, hey, we're fit: According to a list of the fittest American metropolitan regions released by the American College of Sports Medicine, D.C. is the fourth most physically in shape city in the country. Take that, New York!

DCist reports on ANC 3F04 Comissioner Frank Winstead's continuous (and we think slightly out of control) war against outdoor seating of any kind along a stretch of Connecticut Ave. The victim this time: Politics and Prose bookstore, which was asked to remove its outdoor bench.

According to the Examiner, D.C. finance officials are warning against borrowing too much money to subsidize development projects alongside the Anacostia river.

The Post's Monica Hesse gives her take on last night's Lost season finale and, while we agree with her band analogy, we think the changes in the show's character lineup have been for the best. Gone are the insufferable (Shannon), the boring (Boone, Libby, Claire), the unnecessary (Paulo, Nikki and Rousseau), and the annoying (Locke, Michael, Ana Lucia). Taking their spots are characters with compelling backstories like Juliet and Ben and newbies Daniel Faraday, Charlotte and Miles—who, so far, are nothing short of fascinating. But we really do miss Charlie!

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