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It's Thursday, and that means one thing: it's time for our weekend guide. Here it is, and boy, is it chock full of stuff. Take our word for it.

So, uh, that was some crazy storm yesterday, wasn't it? How were you affected by it? Power out? Attacked by hail? See a tornado?

We don't want to say "police state," but that term seems unavoidable when talking about Police Chief Lanier's plan for sectioning off certain areas of the city. Police would set up check points, and demand to see the IDs of people entering the areas—and if you don't live, work, or have a "good" reason for being there, you will be denied entrance.

Congrats go to Dave Jamieson for his well-deserved win of the Livingston Award. The award goes to journalist under the age of 35. Jamieson won for his incredible story, "Letters from an Arsonist."

Fireworks ban: shot down.

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