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Good morning, Washington! Here's what we're reading around the web this AM.

Photo taken at the Caribbean Festival this past Saturday.

Remember all the crazy breaking restaurant news from last week? Well, Todd Kliman (whose dining chat is today) follows up on it with the news that Butterfield 9 will be closing its doors.

On a more positive foodie note, our Cheap Eats: 100 Best Bargain Restaurants just went online! Check out the package today. 

An inmate in a Prince George's County prison died 36 hours after he was charged with killing a cop, and it's stirring up some controversy.

DCist picks up the brilliant news that the DMV is now accepting reservations for appointments for inspections. Hopefully this will get you through the process much more quickly.

Want to really celebrate America this Fourth of July? This blogger writes about having an eco-friendly Fourth.

Richard Layman, a great urban planning blogger, details how a neighborhood can achieve successful neighborhood-based restaurant revitalization.