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Good morning, Washington! Here's what we're reading around the web this AM.

Fireworks photo by Flickr user FredoAlvarez.

Happy almost-Fourth-of-July! We hope you've got something excellent planned for the long weekend. If not, be sure to check out our myriad guides of fun: fireworks, events, indepenDance parties, and, of course, the regular Where & When weekend picks.

Tuesday night, DC blogger and journalist (and friend of Washingtonian) Brian Beutler was shot during a mugging; but thankfully he's doing okay and is expected to make a full recovery. Thoughts and prayers with Beutler and his family.

Fireworks lovers, take note: You won't be allowed to park along the GW Parkway to watch fireworks this year.

A new writer at the City Paper wonders how the water is in Washington.

Some callers in Virginia who are trying to get ahold of an E-Z Pass phone line are, hilariously, reaching a phone sex line instead.

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