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Good morning, Washington! Here's what we're reading around the web this AM.

Are you looking for your morning slice of wedding news over on our wedding blog, Bridal Party? Lynne, our lovely wedding blogger, is on vacation this morning and The Slice will be on hiatus till she returns next week. But worry not—she's stored some other great posts for you that we'll be publishing throughout the rest of this week, so check back.

More worries for drivers—gas is expected to spike 5-10 cents in the coming week.

The Post has a great article on what's become of the dogs that were part of Michael Vick's infamous dog fighting ring. Many of them are being rehabilitated throughout the country.

Washington's first tequila bar will be opening in Dupont come this fall.

At Thomas Jefferson, the area's premiere magnet school, Asian American students will outnumber white students for the first time this fall.