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Good morning, Washington! Here's what we're reading around the web this AM.

Sorry for the late start to the Morning Buzz today, folks—we're still in recovery mode from last night's excellent Washingtonian Best Of Party. Were you there? Check back in this space soon for tons of photos of the event.

Woo! Some magazine we've never heard of says DC is #1 of the best towns to live in in America. We just beat out Chattanooga, TN. Yay?

This blogger is not such a fan of the Awakening's new home at National Harbor.

In terribly sad news, a biker was struck and killed by a garbage truck yesterday in the intersection of R Street and Connecticut Ave., NW.

Greater Greater Washington's headline makes his thoughts on the matter clear: Transparently slanted Post article pits suburbanites against the city. Read it and see what you think for yourself.