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Miss out on some of our blog posts from this week? Worry not—we're here to fill you in on what the most popular blog posts were from the past seven days. See below for our top five.

McCain and the Internet: Why It Matters
There’s been a lot of conversation in the presidential race so far about the impact of the Internet. From online videos and online fund-raising to social networking sites and blogs, this race is being shaped at every level by what takes place online. Much of this attention, rightly so, has gone to Barack Obama, whose campaign more than any other in history has been funded and powered by online organization. But the subject of the Internet may have just as big an impact on John McCain’s campaign. 

What's on the Menu for DC's Summer Restaurant Week?
We’ve been busily gathering menus for the upcoming Restaurant Week (August 11 to August 17), when you can land a three-course lunch for $20.08 and a three-course dinner for $35.08.

Hurry! Photo Contest Voting Closes at Midnight  [Want to see the winners? Head here.)

Where & When: What to Do This Weekend
Every Thursday, we bring you the best things to do during the weekend. This time, we’ve got art after 5, a huge sidewalk shopping sale, county fairs, Aimee Mann, and lots more.

Dating Diaries: We Want to Know About Your Dating Life!
What is dating in DC really like? For a new regular feature, is looking for area residents who are willing to share their dating adventures over the course of the next several months. If you’re willing to dish about your dates on a regular basis (and maybe take some dating challenges along the way!) we want to hear from you.