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Photo by Flickr user NCinDC

Tuesdays on mean Todd Kliman—head over to his chat at 11 AM to ask him all your food and restaurant-related questions. While you're at it, you may want to check out our roundup of what restaurants are doing for Halloween. 

Despite the lovely fall photo above, the weather the next few days will feel more like summer, with temps floating around the 80s.  

A few months ago, we interviewed Rusty of why.i.hate.dc as he left the blog behind in the hands of a new writer. Seems that things didn't turn out so well, and now Rusty is looking for another new blogger to fill in.  

To WMATA, blogs are not journalism, and that means they have to pay fees for obtaining copies of records, as Greater Greater Washington found out

A local woman was drowned by a wave while on vacation in Hawaii.