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CSI Classes at the National Museum of Crime and Punishment

If you’re a fan of crime shows like CSI or thinking about pursuing a career in crime investigation or forensic science, listen up. The National Museum of Crime and Punishment, which opened last May, is offering workshops on the practices and techniques of CSI investigators.

The museum is offering these workshops one Sunday a month at 11 AM and 2 PM with admission. Participants will help analyze a crime scene by focusing on impression evidence such as fingerprints and footprints. The museum encourages you to call ahead to reserve a spot, because there’s limited space.

The workshop experience is one that you might expect out of a theme park in Orlando. You begin in a room where a fictional crime took place, move to an area that has more information on both the crime and forensic science, and end up in a classroom where there’s evidence sitting on a table in front of you. And this isn’t just any classroom—it’s the current set of America’s Most Wanted.

It’s here that the hands-on experience begins. Led by a group of forensic scientists dressed in white coats, the class teaches you how to take an impression of a footprint and dust for fingerprints. Believe us—it’s a lot cooler than it may sound.

Check for more information and dates of upcoming classes.