2008 Washingtonian Guide to Private Schools: Coed Private Schools

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Academy for Ideal Education, elementary/middle school campus, 1501 Gallatin St., NW 20011; 202-726-0313; K-8th grade; $7,500; 60 students.

Academy for Ideal Education, high school campus, 2600 12th St., NE 20018; 202-399-0707; $7,500; 9th-12th grade; $7,500; 60 students.

Aidan Montessori School, 2700 27th St., NW 20008; 202-387-2700; ages 1½–12; $13,500-19,000; 180 students; www.aidanschool.org.

Amazing Life Games Preschool, 4300 16th St., NW 20011; 202-265-0114; ages 2½–5; $329-$1,481 a month; 40 students (only 30 in the school at any given time; different children come on different days); www.amazinglifegames.org.

What’s new: A gardening class.

Recent accomplishment: A fence has been placed around the outdoor area so that children can learn about planting and raising a garden while also using the woods for creative play.

Archbishop Carroll High School, 4300 Harewood Rd., NE 20017; 202-529-0900; 9th–12th grades; $9260; 670 students; www.archbishopcarroll.org.

What’s new: Digital design classes now use laptops and the school introduced a robotics class.

Recent accomplishment: The school is in the preliminary phase for an IB program.

Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School, 3500 Woodley Rd., NW 20016; 202-537-6493; pre-K–3rd grade; $25,970; 386 students; www.beauvoirschool.org.

Blessed Sacrament School, 5841 Chevy Chase Pkwy., NW 20015; 202-966-6682; K–8th grades; $7,450 (parishioners), $11,200 (nonparishioners); 500 students; www.bsstoday.org.

What’s new: An after-school program, Tiny Chefs, that teaches children to cook.

British School of Washington, 2001 Wisconsin Ave., NW 20007; 202-829-3700; ages 3–18; $10,440 (morning nursery school), $18,975–$22,475; 370 students; www.britishschool.org.

What’s new: Drama classes at the IGCSE level (International General Certificate of Secondary Education).

Recent accomplishment: Last year a student became the first-ever four-time state representative for the National Geographic Geography Bee. Also, the school moved into a new building.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: Nottingham Trent University and the University of Maryland.

Capitol Hill Day School, 210 South Carolina Ave., SE 20003; 202-547-2244; pre-K–8th grades; $19,660 (partial-day pre-K, K), $22,220 (full-day pre-K–5th grade), $23,350 (6th–8th grades); 225 students; www.chds.org.

What’s new: A jazz ensemble and an after-school program in which kids do various activities including tae kwon do, art, Chinese for pre-K, yoga for children, instrument lessons, and chess club. The program is open to students as well as the public. The school also added a program that provides children with an average of one field trip per week tied to what they’re studying.

Children’s House of Washington (a Montessori School), 3133 Dumbarton St., NW 20007; 202-342-2551; ages 2 3/4 to 6; $7,500-$8,500; 27 students; www.thechildrenshouseofwashington.com.

Dupont Park Adventist School, 3942 Alabama Ave., SE 20020; 202-583-8500; pre-K–10th grade; $5,100-$5,700; 300 students; www.dupontparkschool.org.

What’s new: Spanish classes.

Edmund Burke School, 4101 Connecticut Ave., NW 20008; 202-362-8882; 6th–12th grades; $28,110 including books; 315 students; www.eburke.org.

Recent accomplishments: Last spring, the school held its first high school film festival, which was open to the public. Also, three Burke students were accepted into the 2008 Folger Shakespeare Program.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: New York University, George Washington University, Wesleyan University, and Hampshire College.

Emerson Preparatory School, 1324 18th St., NW 20036; 202-785-2877; 9th–12th grades; $10,000 a semester; 60 students; www.emersonprep.net.

What’s new: Several courses, including “Capitalism, Socialism, Communism and Fascism,” “Media Semiotics,” and “Cognition.”

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: University of Maryland and George Washington University.

Field School, 2301 Foxhall Rd., NW 20007; 202-295-5800; 7th–12th grades; $30,150; 320 students; www.fieldschool.org.

What’s new: Senior electives in philosophy, law, art history, and creative writing. The music program has also expanded to include a class called “Studio Band and Audio Engineering.”

College where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: Pitzer College.

Georgetown Day School, lower/middle-school campus, 4530 MacArthur Blvd., NW 20007; 202-295-6200; pre-K–8th grade; $25,685-$28,550; 575 students; www.gds.org.

Georgetown Day School, high school campus, 4200 Davenport St., NW 20016; 202-274-3200; 9th–12th grades; $29,395; 465 students; www.gds.org.

Georgetown Montessori School, 1041 Wisconsin Ave., NW 20007; 202-337-8058; ages 2–6; $6,600-$10,800; 50 students; georgetownmontessori.com.

Holy Trinity School, 1325 36th St., NW 20007; 202-337-2339; nursery–8th grade; $12,305 (parishioners nursery–K), $14,835 (nonparishioners nursery–K), $9,680 (parishioners 1st–8th), $13,095 (nonparishioners 1st–8th); 330 students; www.htsdc.org.

Jewish Primary Day School of the Nation’s Capital, 6045 16th St., NW 20011; 202-291-5737; pre-K–6th grade;  $17,515; 244 students; www.jpds.org.

KinderHaus of Chevy Chase, 5307 Connecticut Ave., NW 20015; 202-244-0719; ages 2 months–5 years; $1,040-$1,560 a month; 25 students; www.kinderhaus.org.

KinderHaus of Cleveland Park, 3400 Lowell St., NW 20016; 202-686-3570; ages 2 months–5 years; $1,040-$1,560 a month; 48 students; www.kinderhaus.org.

What’s new: An all-day pre-K program with no more than eight children in the classroom.

Little Flower Montessori School, 3029 16th St., NW 20009; 202-667-6803; ages 2-6; $1200-$1400 month; 20 students; www.littleflowermontessori.com.

What’s new: New classes include creative movement, yoga, and art.

Lowell School, 1640 Kalmia Rd., NW 20012; 202-577-2000; pre-K–6th grade; $14,990-$25,120; 312 students; www.lowellschool.org.

What’s new: A junior kindergarten program for children who do not meet kindergarten age cutoff but have had pre-nursery experience.

Maret School, 3000 Cathedral Ave., NW 20008; 202-939-8800; K–12th grade; $24,695-$28,430; 600 students; www.maret.org.

Montessori School of Chevy Chase, 5312 Connecticut Ave., NW 20015; 202-362-6212; ages 2–6; $10,450-$14,950; 67 students; www.chevychasemontessori.com.

Montessori School of Washington, 4380 MacArthur Blvd., NW 20007; 202-338-1557; ages 2-6; $8,000-$11,000; 35 students; www.montessoriwashington.org.

Nannie Helen Burroughs School, 601 50th St., NE 20019; 202-398-5266; nursery (2 ½)–6th grade; $4,940 to $5,225; 135 students; www.nhburroughs.org.

National Child Research Center, 3209 Highland Pl., NW 20008; 202-363-8777; ages 2½–5; $5,060-$21,615; 173 students; www.ncrcpreschool.org.

National Presbyterian School, 4121 Nebraska Ave., NW 20016; 202-537-7500; nursery–6th grade; $13,500-$20,960; 252 students; www.nps-dc.org.

What’s new: An additional section of kindergarten as part of the 10-year expansion plan.

Naylor Road School (preschool), 3200 S St., SE 20020; 202-584-1407; ages 3 and 4; $5,550; 45 students; www.naylorroadschool.com.

Naylor Road School, 2403 Naylor Rd., SE 20020; 202-584-5114; pre-K–8th grade; $550 a month (pre-K);  $5,600-$6,500 (K-8); 223 students; www.naylorroadschool.com.

Our Lady of Victory School, 4755 Whitehaven Pkwy., NW 20007; 202-337-1421; age 3–8th grade; $6,870 (parishioners), $8,375 (nonparishioners); 185 students; www.olvschooldc.org.

Parkmont School, 4842 16th St., NW 20011; 202-726-0740; 6th–12th grades; $24,560; 65 students; www.parkmont.org.

Randall Hyland Private School, 4339 Bowen Rd., SE 20019; 202-582-2966; age 2½–K; $9,840; 36 students.

What’s new: An aftercare program.

Sheridan School, 4400 36th St., NW 20008; 202-362-7900; K–8th grade; $23,260-$25,830; 219 students; www.sheridanschool.org.

Sidwell Friends School (lower school), 5100 Edgemoor La., Bethesda 20814; (middle/upper school), 3825 Wisconsin Ave., NW 20016; 202-537-8100; pre-K–12th grade; $28,442-$29,442; 1,097 students; www.sidwell.edu.

St. Ann’s Academy, 4404 Wisconsin Ave., NW 20016; 202-363-4460; age 3–8th grade; $4,200- $6,000 (parishioners),  $4,200-$7,200 (nonparishioners), 217 students; www.stannsacademy.org.

St. John’s College High School, 2607 Military Rd., NW 20015; 202-363-2316; 9th–12th grades; $13,500; 1,060 students; www.stjohns-chs.org.

What’s new: The De La Salle Scholars program is a new honors program that offers scholarship money.

St. John’s Episcopal Preschool, 3240 O St., NW 20007; 202-338-2574; ages 2½–5½; $7,046-$10,995; 45 students; www.stjohnsgeorgetown.org.

What’s new: The school used to offer two-, three- or five-day programs for 2½ year olds; now it is three- or four-day options.

St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School, 4700 Whitehaven Pkwy., NW 20007; 202-342-2805; nursery–8th grade; $13,828-$26,502; 506 students; www.stpatsdc.org.

St. Peter’s Interparish School, 422 Third St., SE 20003; 202-544-1618; pre-K–8th grade; $7,450 (parishioners), $9,308 (nonparishioners); 222 students; www.stpetersinterparish.org.

Washington Hebrew Congregation Edlavitch-Tyser Early Childhood Center, 3935 Macomb St., NW 20016; 202-895-6334; ages 1½–5 years;  $3,140-$9,156 (temple members), $3,653-$10,647 (nonmembers); 103 students; www.whctemple.org.

What’s new: Now offering tap-dancing classes and a Hebrew immersion program for 4-year-olds.

Washington International School (primary), 1690 36th St., NW 20007; 202-243-1815; age 3½–5th grade; $13,310-$24,150; 450 students; www.wis.edu.

Washington International School (middle and upper), 3100 Macomb St., NW 20008; 202-243-1815; 6th–12th grades;  $26,930; 450 students; www.wis.edu.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: University of Maryland, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, and McGill University.

Abingdon Montessori School, 5144 Massachusetts Ave., Bethesda 20816; 301-320-3646; ages 2½–6; $8,400 (half day), $10,500 (full day); 50 students; www.abingdonschool.org.

Aleph Bet Jewish Day School, 1125 Spa Rd., Annapolis 21403; 410-263-9044; K–5th grade; $9,640; 47 students; www.alephbet.org.

What’s new: Construction is set to begin next year on a new facility.

Annapolis Area Christian School (lower school), 710 Ridgely Ave., Annapolis 21401; 410-266-8251; pre-K–5th grade;  $3,311-$8,679; 255 students; www.aacsonline.org.

Annapolis Area Christian School (middle school), 716 Bestgate Rd., Annapolis 21401; 410-266-8251; 6th–8th grades; $9,867; 234 students; www.aacsonline.org.

Annapolis Area Christian School (upper school), 109 Burns Crossing Rd., Severn 21144; 410-266-8251; 9th–12th grades; $11,913; 500 students; www.aacsonline.org.

Recent accomplishment: The school now has a football team and has expanded its drama department and student council.

College where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: University of Maryland

Apple Montessori School, 7210 Hidden Creek Rd., Bethesda 20817; 301-320-8832; ages 2–6; $5,974-$11,768; 60 students; www.applems.com.

What’s new: The Apple Seed Option program, which offers special classes for children with educational or developmental delays.

Archbishop Spalding High School
, 8080 New Cut Rd., Severn 21144; 410-969-9105; 9th–12th grades; $10,655; 1,180 students; www.archbishopspalding.org.

What’s new: The school is preparing for construction to begin on a new stadium with an artificial-turf field.

Ascension Lutheran School, 7415 Buchanan St., Landover Hills 20784; 301-577-0500; K–8th grade; $6,450; 140 students; www.ascensionschool.org.

What’s new: A special seven-week course, “Becoming a Love and Logic Parent,” to help parents improve their basic parenting skills. Also, the an arts professional-development series allows 5th graders to meet opera singers and learn about the career.

Barnesville School, 21830 Peach Tree Rd., Barnesville 20838; 301-972-0341; age 3–8th grade; $8,165-$15,135; 216 students; www.barnesvilleschool.org.

What’s new: A program for three-year-olds.

Barrie School, 13500 Layhill Rd., Silver Spring 20906; 301-576-2800; age 2–12th grade; $11,300-$23,150; 375 students; www.barrie.org.

What’s new: The school now offers two 2-year-old classes instead of one.

Beddow Jr./Sr. High School, 501 Bryan Point Rd., Accokeek 20607; 301-292-1968; 7th–12th grades; $11,000; 40 students; www.thebeddowschool.org.

Recent accomplishment: The school is preparing to build a new gym with extra classrooms and a basketball court.

Beddow Montessori School, 6008 Hampshire Cir., Waldorf 20603; 301-870-8660; ages 2½–12; $4,000-$7,000; 60 students; www.thebeddowschool.org.

Beddow Montessori School, 8600 Loughran Rd., Fort Washington 20744; 301-567-0330; ages 2½–12; $4,000-$7,000; 100 students; www.thebeddowschool.org.

Berwyn Baptist School, 4720 Cherokee St., College Park 20740; 301-474-1561; age 3–8th grade; $1,506–$5,151; 116 students; www.berwynbaptistschool.com.

What’s new: Spanish classes.

Bethesda Community School, 7500 Honeywell La., Bethesda 20814; 301-652-0117; age 2½–K; $630-$1,405 a month; 132 students; www.bethesdacommunityschool.com.

Bethesda Country Day School, 5615 Beech Ave., Bethesda 20814; 301-530-6999; age 2–preschool; www.bethesdacountrydayschool.com.

Bethesda Montessori School, 7611 Clarendon Rd., Bethesda 20814; 301-986-1260; ages 3–6;  $7,200-$12,100; 80 students; www.bethesdamontessori.com.

Recent accomplishment: The school celebrated its 25th year in 2007.

Bishop McNamara High School, 6800 Marlboro Pike, Forestville 20747; 301-735-8401; 9th–12th grades; $9,700; 850 students; www.bmhs.org.

What’s new: A fine arts diploma program.

Recent accomplishment: The school just completed an $8 million renovation of its facility.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: University of Maryland, St. John’s University, and North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

Bowie Montessori Children’s House, 5004 Randonstone La., Bowie 20715; 301-262-3566; age 2½–8th grade; $8,800 $9,600; 270 students; www.bmch.net.

Bullis School, 10601 Falls Rd., Potomac 20854; 301-299-8500; 3rd–12th grades; $25,370-$28,430; 650 students; www.bullis.org.

What’s new: Chinese classes.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: Syracuse University, University of Maryland, University of Virginia, and Johns Hopkins University.

Butler School, 15951 Germantown Rd., Darnestown 20874; 301-977-6600; preschool–8th grade; $7,900-$12,300; 170 students; www.butlerschool.org.

Calvary Lutheran School, 9545 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring 20910; 301-589-4001; K–8th grade; $7,600–$8,850; 60 students; www.celcs.org.

What’s new: Now offering a junior kindergarten program for children that just miss the cut off age for kindergarten. At the end of the year, they can go into first grade if the teacher recommends it.

Calverton School, 300 Calverton School Rd., Huntingtown 20639; 888-678-0216; pre-K–12th grade; $4,600-$15,930; 430 students; www.calvertonschool.org.

What’s new: AP music and art classes.

Recent accomplishment: A new sports complex.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: Duke University and Concord University.

Capitol Christian Academy, 610 Largo Rd., Upper Marlboro 20774; 301-336-2200; pre-K–12th grade; $7,500–$8,000; 105 students; www.ccacad.org.

What’s new: Introduction to psychology, introduction to business, and communication-skills classes.

Recent accomplishment: The school now has Middle State and ACSI accreditation.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: Baker College and University of Washington School of Art.

Casa de Montessori, 14015 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring 20904; 301-384-8404; age 3–K; $4,900–$7,500; 50 students.

Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School (lower school), 1901 E. Jefferson St., Rockville 20852; 301-881-1400; K–6th grade; $17,830; 722 students; www.cesjds.org.

Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School (upper school), 11710 Hunters Lane, Rockville 20852; 301-881-1400; 7th–12th grade; $11,680 (12th grade), $22,880 (7th-11th grade); 682 students.

Recent accomplishment: The school had six semifinalists in the National Merit Scholarship program.

Chesapeake Academy, 1185 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., Arnold 21012; 410-647-9612; pre-K–5th grade; $6,450-$13,170; 310 students; www.chesapeakeacademy.com.

Chesapeake Montessori School, 30 Old Mill Bottom Rd. N., Annapolis 21409; 410-757-4740; age 18 months–6th grade; $8,200–$10,700; 145 students; www.chesapeake-montessori.com.

Children’s Learning Center, 4511 Bestor Dr., Rockville 20853; 301-871-6600; 4 months-5th grade; $6,000 (three-day)-$16,00; 150 students; www.clcmd.org.

What’s new: An infant class (must be at least four months old).

Christ Episcopal School, 109 S. Washington St., Rockville 20850; 301-424-6550; preschool–8th grade; $7,635-$13,370; 240 students; www.ces-rockville.org.

Christian Family Montessori School, 3628 Rhode Island Ave., Mount Rainier 20712; 301-927-7122; age 2½–6th grade; $4,700-$6,250; 85 students; www.cfmschool.org.

Clinton Christian School, 6707 Woodyard Rd., Upper Marlboro 20772; 301-599-9600; age 4–12th grade; $6,515; 550 students; www.clintonchristian.org.

What’s new: An after-school program, Performing Arts After Hours, for which students can audition.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: University of Maryland, Bowie State University, Liberty University, and University of Virginia.

Concord Hill School, 6050 Wisconsin Ave., Chevy Chase 20815; 301-654-2626; age 3–3rd grade; $12,750-19,150; 100 students; www.concordhill.org.

What’s new: Spanish and Chinese classes.

Concordia Lutheran School, 3799 East-West Hwy., Hyattsville 20782; 301-927-0266; preschool–8th grade; $6,105; 178 students; www.clsmd.org.

What’s new: The school upgraded its computer lab and is hoping to hire a tech teacher for computer classes by next year.

Country School, 716 Goldsborough St., Easton 21601; 410-822-1935; K–8th grade; $9,700-$12,100; 300 students; www.countryschool.org.

What’s new: Early-morning care is now offered and Spanish classes begin in kindergarten.

Early Childhood Center, 100 Welsh Park Dr., Rockville 20850; 301-424-8065; ages 2–4; $270-$575 a month; 70 students; www.eccpreschool.com.

Evergreen School, 10700 Georgia Ave., Wheaton 20902; 301-942-5979; age 2½–6th grade; $8,800-$13,600; 75 students; www.evergreenschool.com.

Fairhaven School, 17900 Queen Anne Rd., Upper Marlboro 20774; 301-249-8060; ages 5–19 (ungraded); $7,710; 68 students (rolling admission); www.fairhavenschool.com.

Recent accomplishment: The school celebrated its 10th anniversary last year.

Fourth Presbyterian School, 10701 S. Glen Rd., Potomac 20854; 301-765-8133; pre-K–6th grade; $5,950- $12,500; 110 students; www.fourthschool.org.

What’s new: Now offering an after-school program.

Recent accomplishments: The school just added sixth grade this fall and will expand to include seventh grade next year and eighth grade in 2010. It is also building a 67,000-square-foot eco-friendly building with a gymnasium, media center, and 18 new classrooms.

Free State Montessori School, 12536 Harford Rd., Fork 21051; 410-592-3324; ages 2½–14; $3,600-$8,500; 53 students; www.freestatemontessori.org.

French International School (Lycée Rochambeau), 9600 Forest Rd., Bethesda 20814; 301-530-8260; nursery–12th grade (French baccalaureate and American high-school diploma); $10,233-$13,266; 1,085 students; www.rochambeau.org.

Friends Community School, 5901 Westchester Park Dr., College Park 20740; 301-441-2100; K–8th grade; $13,910-$15,970; 183 students; www.friendscommunityschool.org.

What’s new: A new headmaster, Larry Clements.

Geneva Day School, 11931 Seven Locks Rd., Potomac 20854; 301-340-7704; age 2–K; $2,070-$10,500; 250 students; www.genevadayschool.org.

German School (Deutsche Schule), Washington, DC, 8617 Chateau Dr., Potomac 20854; 301-365-4400; pre-K–12th grade (German Abitur and American high-school diploma);  $6,540 -$11,670; most classes taught in German; 640 students; www.dswashington.org.

Recent accomplishment: A 2008 graduating senior received the National Achievement Scholarship, a $100,000+ scholarship, in addition to scholarships to nine different universities.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: Georgetown University, University of Virginia, and Princeton University.

Gibson Island Country School, 5191 Mountain Rd., Pasadena 21122; 410-255-5370; pre-K–5th grade;  $7,900-$11,900; 69 students; www.gics.org.

Glenelg Country School, 12793 Folly Quarter Rd., Ellicott City 21042; 410-531-8600; pre-K–12th grade; $10,420-$20,850; 825 students; www.glenelg.org.

What’s new: A Writing Across the Curriculum program.

Grace Brethren Christian School, 6501 Surratts Rd., Clinton 20735; 301-868-1600; age 4–12th grade; $6,795-$7,295; 675 students; www.gbcseagles.org.

What’s new: The school now offers clubs during school.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: University of Maryland, Towson University, and Liberty University.

Grace Episcopal Day School, 9115 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring 20910; 301-585-3513; age 3–K; $6,366-$17,693; 74 students; www.geds.org.

Recent accomplishment: The school just renewed its National Association for the Education of Young Children accreditation.

Grace Episcopal Day School, 9411 Connecticut Ave., Kensington 20895; 301-949-5860; 1st–7th grades; $17,693-$17,918; 165 students; www.geds.org.

What’s new: An advisory program for 6th and 7th graders.

Recent accomplishment: The school expanded to include seventh grade this year and will have an eighth grade in September 2009.

Green Acres School, 11701 Danville Dr., Rockville 20852; 301-881-4100; pre-K–8th grade; $24,790; 316 students; www.greenacres.org.

What’s new: Spanish is now offered in 3rd and 4th grade.

Gunston Day School, 911 Gunston Rd., Centreville 21617; 410-758-0620; 9th–12th grades; $20,700; 153 students; www.gunstondayschool.org.

What’s new: Chinese classes.

Recent accomplishment: The school has received eight merit awards from the Academy of the Arts program in Easton.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: Dickinson College, Washington College, and Lehigh University.

Harbor School, 7701 Bradley Blvd., Bethesda 20817; 301-365-1100; preschool–2nd grade;  $8,950-$16,500; 110 students; www.theharborschool.org.

What’s new: Spanish for three-year-olds and an environmental-science program.

Hebrew Day Institute, 2200 Baltimore Rd., Rockville 20851; 240-399-6100; K–6th grade; $10,900-$15,600; 75 students; www.hebrewdayinstitute.org.

What’s new: The school moved from Silver Spring to Rockville.

Hebrew Day School, 1840 University Blvd. West, Silver Spring 20902; 301-649-5400; K–6th grade; $9,900-$12,000; 90 students; www.hdsmc.org.

What’s new: A Hebrew immersion program. Also, the school moved to a location with new facilities including a learning lab with a computer center and a library resource center.

Henson Valley Montessori School, 13400 Edgemeade Rd., Upper Marlboro 20772; 301-449-4442; ages 2½–15; $12,865-$14,365; 155 students; www.hvms.org.

Holy Cross Elementary School, 4900 Strathmore Ave., Garrett Park 20896; 301-949-1699; pre-K $4,880-$7,970 (parishioners) or $5455-$8,580 (nonparishioners); K–8th grade $6,205 (parishioners) or $7,030 (nonparishioners); 225 students; www.hcross.org.

Holy Redeemer School, 9715 Summit Ave., Kensington 20895; 301-942-3701; K–8th grade; $5,830; 390 students; www.hrs-ken.org.

Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School, pre-K–K and 5th–8th grades at 11902 Daisy La., Glenn Dale 20769; 301-464-3215; 1st–4th grades at 13106 Annapolis Rd., Bowie 20720; 301-262-5355; $8,150-9,880; 620 students; www.htrinity.org.

Indian Creek School, pre-K–8th grade at 680 Evergreen Rd., Crownsville 21032; 410-923-3660; 9th-12th grades at 1130 Anne Chambers Way, Crownsville 21032; 410-849-5151; $14,000-$20,000; 640 students; www.indiancreekschool.com.

Jefferson Montessori School, 8507 Emory Grove Rd., Gaithersburg 20877; 301-840-8448; ages 2–6; $6,500-$13,500; 225 students; www.thejeffersonschool.com.

What’s new: Mandarin Chinese language classes.

John Nevins Andrews School, 117 Elm Ave., Takoma Park 20912; 301-270-1400; pre-K–8th grade; $405 a month (Seventh-day Adventist, constituent), $630 a month (Seventh-day Adventist, nonconstituent), $760 a month (other); 177 students; www.jna.org.

Key School, 534 Hillsmere Dr., Annapolis 21403; 301-261-1315; pre-K–12th grade; $11,000-$21,500; 700 students; www.keyschool.org.

Recent accomplishment: The school celebrated its 50th anniversary year and began renovations.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: Case Western Reserve University, Smith College, and University of Chicago.

Little Flower School, 5601 Massachusetts Ave., Bethesda 20816; 301-320-3273; pre-K–8th grade; $5,800 (parishioners), $7,100 (nonparishioners); 260 students; www.littleflowerschool.org.

Recent accomplishment: It was name a 2008 Blue Ribbon School.

Lone Oak Montessori School, 10201 Democracy Blvd., Potomac 20854; 301-469-4888; ages 2–12; $3,810-$10,852 ; 80 students; www.loneoakmontessori.com.

Lone Oak Montessori School, 10100 Old Georgetown Rd., Bethesda 20814; 301-469-4888; ages 3–5; $8,509-$10,672; 80 students; www.loneoakmontessori.com.

Manor Montessori School, 11200 Old Georgetown Rd., Rockville 20852; 301-299-7400; ages 3–6; $8,000-$13,000; 60 students; www.manormontessori.com.

Manor Montessori School, 10500 Oaklyn Dr., Potomac 20854; 301-299-7400; ages 3–8; $8,000-$13,000; 135 students; www.manormontessori.com.

Manor Montessori School, 5450 Massachusetts Ave., Bethesda 20816; 301-299-7400; ages 2–6; $8,000-$11,000; 60 students; www.manormontessori.com.

Mater Amoris Montessori School, PO Box 97, 18501 Mink Hollow Rd., Ashton 20861; 301-774-7468; ages 2½–12;  $6,800-$9,200; 105 students; www.materamoris.com.

McDonogh School, 8600 McDonogh Rd., Owings Mills 21117; 410-581-4719; K–12th grade; $19,480–$21,680 (day), $29,160 (optional five-day boarding, 9th–12th grades); 1,293 students; www.mcdonogh.org.

Recent accomplishment: The school welcomed a new Head of Upper School, Kirsten Prettyman Adams, the former upper school head at the Hockaday School in Dallas, TX.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: Bucknell University, University of Maryland at College Park, University of Pennsylvania, and Virginia Tech.

McLean School of Maryland, 8224 Lochinver La., Potomac 20854; 301-299-8277; K–12th grade; $24,000-$29,000; 475 students; www.mcleanschool.org.

Mitchellville School, 3501 Moylan Dr., Bowie 20715; 301-249-0203; pre-K–8th grade; $11,000; 40 students; themitchellvilleschool.org.

Montessori International Children’s House, 1641 Winchester Rd., Annapolis 21409; 410-757-7789; age 1½–6th grade;  $7,000-$9,000; 158 students; www.montessoriinternational.org.
What’s new: School programs in kung fu and violin.

Montrose Christian School, 5100 Randolph Rd., Rockville, 20852; 301-770-5335; birth–12th grade; $7,900-$8,700; 315 students; www.montrosechristian.org.

What’s new: Students have clubs (photography, art, prayer groups, sports) for the first 30 to 40 minutes before classes.

Recent accomplishment: The school completed its 30th year of Christian education.

Mother of God School, 20501 Goshen Rd., Gaithersburg 20879; 301-990-2088; pre-K–8th grade;  $6,200; 189 students; www.mogschool.com.

What’s new: The school expanded to include a pre-school for four-year-olds.

New Hope Academy and Preschool, 7009 Varnum St., Landover Hills 20784; 301-459-7311; age 3-12th grade; $7,950-$8,750; 225 students; www.newhopeacademy.org.

What’s new: An after-school Lego robotics team, which is part of the First Lego League, a global robotics program.

Newport School, 12101 Tech Rd., Silver Spring 20904; 240-645-0145; nursery–12th grade; $14,240-$22,355; 125 students; www.newportschool.org.

Nora School, 955 Sligo Ave., Silver Spring 20910; 301-495-6672; 9th–12th grades;  $20,950; rolling admissions; 53 students; www.nora-school.org.

Norwood School, 8821 River Rd., Bethesda 20817; 301-365-2595; K–8th grade;  $23,380-$25,632; 538 students; www.norwoodschool.org.

Oneness-Family School, 6701 Wisconsin Ave., Chevy Chase 20815; 301-652-7751; age 2–8th grade; $14,750-$18,600; 125 students; www.onenessfamilyschool.org.

What’s new: The school is opening a second two-year-old classroom.

Our Lady of Good Counsel High School, 17301 Old Vic Blvd., Olney 20832; 240-283-3235; 9th–12th grades, plus Ryken Program for mild learning disabilities; $14,900; 1,200 students; www.olgchs.org.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: U.S. Naval Academy, University of Notre Dame, and Boston College.

Patuxent Montessori School, 14210 Old Stage Rd., Bowie 20720; 301-464-4506; ages 18 months–12 years; $7,000–$8,500; 75 students; www.patuxent-montessori.org.

Potomac Glen Day School, 9908 S. Glen Rd., Potomac 20854; 301-299-9193; age 2–K; $3,850–$7,200 (half-day), $4,850-$9,800 (full day); 130 students; www.potomacglendayschool.com.

What’s new: Afternoon enrichment programs and a community-outreach program.

Primary Day School, 7300 River Rd., Bethesda 20817; 301-365-4355; pre-K–2nd grade; $15,500–$17,300 (2009–10); 148 students; www.theprimarydayschool.org.

What’s new: Full-day pre-kindergarten.

Queen Anne School, 14111 Oak Grove Rd., Upper Marlboro 20774; 301-249-5000; 6th–12th grades; $17,600-$19,300; 160 students; www.queenanne.org.

What’s new: An environmental-science class.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: University of Maryland at College Park, University of Virginia, and Cornell University.

Sandy Spring Friends School, 16923 Norwood Rd., Sandy Spring 20860; 301-774-7455; pre-K–12th grade; $18,600-$24,400 (day), $34,900 (five-day boarding), $42,900 (seven-day boarding); 572 students; www.ssfs.org.

Recent accomplishment: Construction on three buildings—the performing arts center, middle school, and athletic complex—has been completed.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: University of Maryland at College Park, Haverford College, Johns Hopkins University, and Tufts University.

Seneca Academy/Circle School, 15601 Germantown Rd., Darnestown 20874; 301-869-3728; age 3–8th grade; $1,970-$9,250; 220 students; www.senecaacademy.org.

Recent accomplishment: An expanded after-school program that encompasses art, sciences, robotics, physical education, and music.

Severn School, 201 Water St., Severna Park 21146; 410-647-7700; 6th–12th grades; $20,475; 600 students; www.severnschool.com.

What’s new: A new athletic center opened in April. It features basketball courts, a fitness and conditioning center, locker areas, teaching and reception spaces, a training center, and a concession stand.  

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: Virginia Tech, Vanderbilt University, and Yale University.

The Siena School, 9727 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring 20910; 301-592-0567; 4th–11th grades; serves students with mild to moderate language-based learning differences; $26,500-$27,750; 61 students; www.thesienaschool.org.

What’s new: Next year the school will add 12th grade.

Silver Spring Learning Center, 1401 Arcola Ave., Silver Spring 20902; 301-649-1373; 18 months–preschool; $960-$11,880; 150 students.

What’s new: A play gym and a toddler class.

Sligo Adventist School, 8300 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park 20912; 301-434-1417; pre-K–8th grade; $405-$760 a month; 150 students; www.sligoadventistschool.org.

Spring Bilingual Montessori Academy, 3514 Plyers Mill Rd., Kensington 20895; 301-962-7262; ages 2 1/2–6; Italian, French, and Spanish programs; $7,700 to $10,060; 60 students; www.spring-bilingual.org.

Saint Ambrose Catholic School, 6310 Jason St., Cheverly 20785; 301-773-0223; pre-K–8th grade; $4,900 (parishioners), $6,100 (nonparishioners); 278 students.

What’s new: Principal Diane Carter.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, 8804 Postoak Rd., Potomac 20854; 301-983-5200; 4th-12th grades; $22,990-$28,990; 550 students; www.saes.org.

What’s new: The school merged with St. Francis, which is now the lower school.

Saint Andrew’s United Methodist Day School, 4 Wallace Manor Rd., Edgewater 21037; 410-266-0952; age 3–8th grade; $4,600-$8,800; 250 students; www.standrewsum.org.

Recent accomplishment: Green school certification.

St. Anne’s School of Annapolis, 3112 Arundel on the Bay Rd., Annapolis 21403; 410-263-8650; preschool–8th grade; $6,950-$16,800; 300 students; www.saintannes.org.

Recent accomplishment: Enrich Annapolis, an after-school enrichment program that includes 35 club sports and other courses for children age 2 and up.

St. Catherine Laboure School, 11811 Claridge Rd., Wheaton 20902; 301-946-1717; preschool–8th grade; $1,739-$7,087 (preschool), $4,950 (parishioners K–8th), $7,758 (nonparishioners K–8th); 232 students.

What’s new: A state-of-the-art computer room.

St. Elizabeth School, 917 Montrose Rd., Rockville 20852; 301-881-1824; K–8th grade; $6,265 (parishioners), $7,765 (nonparishioners); 508 students; www.stelizabethschoolmd.org/index.htm.

St. John’s Episcopal School, 3427 Olney-Laytonsville Rd., Olney 20832; 301-774-6804; K–8th grade; $13,500-$14,000; 294 students; www.stjes.com.

What’s new: The International Studies Center, a laptop-computer facility that focuses on international studies.

St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic School, 7501 Adelphi Rd., Hyattsville 20783; 301-422-7440; pre-school: $5,300 (parishioners), $6,400 (nonparishioners); K–8th grade: $4,690 (parishioners), $6,100 (nonparishioners); 290 students; www.stmarkhyattsville.org.

What’s new: Latin classes for 7th and 8th graders, a language lab in connection with the technology program, and choir and choral groups in music program.

Recent accomplishment: A new pastor and a new principal this year and a new alumni association.

St. Mary’s Elementary School, 111 Duke of Gloucester St., Annapolis 21401; 410-263-2869; K–8th grade; $6,910 (parishioners) and $7,990 (nonparishioners) for kindergarten; $6,240 (parishioners) and $7,340 (nonparishioners) for 1st to 8th grade; 880 students; www.stmaryschurch.org.

St. Mary’s High School, 113 Duke of Gloucester St., Annapolis 21401; 410-990-4100; 9th–12th grades; $10,340 (parishioners), $11,690 (nonparishioners); 520 students; www.stmaryschurch.org.

Recent accomplishment: A new turf field and a larger performance stage for drama.

Saint Peter’s School, 2900 Olney-Sandy Spring Rd., Olney 20832; 301-774-9112; K–8th grade; $5,870 (parishioners), $7,550 (nonparishioners); 447 students; stpetersolney.org/day_school.jsp.

What’s new: An in-school television studio.

Takoma Academy, 8120 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park 20912; 301-434-4700; 9th–12th grades; $9020 (Potomac Conference Seventh-day Adventists), $11,270 (non-conference Seventh-day Adventists), $13,230 (non-Seventh-day Adventists); 242 students; www.ta.edu.

What’s new: The Apple One to One program, in which every student gets  a Mac computer.

Recent accomplishment: Every year since 1999, at least one student has been a National Achievement finalist or semi-finalist with national merit scholarships.
Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: Oakwood University, Columbia Union College, and University of Maryland at College Park.

Thornton Friends Middle School Campus, 10309 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring 20904; 301-622-9033; 6th–8th grades; $20,900; 16 students; www.thorntonfriends.org.

What’s new: A music program.

Recent accomplishment: The school moved to a new building.

Thornton Friends Upper School, 13925 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring 20904; 301-384-0320; 9th–12th grades; $21,950; program for bright underachievers; 46 students; www.thorntonfriends.org.

What’s new: A program that looks at peace studies and political studies with a historic perspective.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: Beloit College and Guilford College.

Trinity School, 4985 Ilchester Rd., Ellicott City 21043; 410-744-1524; K–8th grade; $10,535 (kindergarten), $11,035 (1st–8th grades); 318 students; www.trinityschoolmd.org.

What’s new: A Julie program for children with learning disabilities.

Recent accomplishment: Named a Blue Ribbon school twice.

Washington Christian Academy. 16227 Batchellors Forest Rd. Olney 20832. 320 students.  $5,772 (half-day kindergarten), $11,544 (K–5th grade). $12,678 (6th–8th), $13,833 (9th–12th) www.washingtonchristian.org

What’s new: After-school activities in languages, drama, and choir. The school has also expanded its athletic programs.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: University of Maryland and Calvin College.

Recent accomplishment: It moved into a new building in Olney with all of the schools together. It also opened a new gym, baseball field, and soccer field.

Washington Episcopal School, 5600 Little Falls Pkwy., Bethesda 20816; 301-652-7878; age 3–8th grade; $12,350 -$24,635; 313 students; www.w-e-s.org.

Washington Hebrew Congregation Rabbi Joseph Weinberg Early Childhood Center and Primary School, 11810 Falls Rd., Potomac 20854; 301-279-7505; age 2–kindergarten; $2,031-$12,132 (temple members), $2,364-$13,786 (nonmembers); 307 students; www.whctemple.org/education.htm.

Recent accomplishment: An additional toddler program for the winter and an after-school program, After School Childrens Enrichment, which features tae kwon do, lacrosse, tennis, yoga, cooking, cheerleading, and ballet.

Washington Waldorf School, 4800 Sangamore Rd., Bethesda 20816; 301-229-6107; preschool–12th grade; $6,500-$20,400; 292 students; www.washingtonwaldorf.org.

What’s new: Courses in digital photography, American politics and studies, and infectious-disease science.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: Oberlin College, University of Vermont, and Vassar College.

West Nottingham Academy, 1079 Firetower Rd., Colora 21917; 410-658-5556; 9th–12th grade, postgraduate; $18,800 (day), $36,300 (boarding); Chesapeake Learning Center for learning differences (an additional $7,900); 122 students; www.wna.org.

What’s new: Last year the school introduced a school-wide service-learning program.

Recent accomplishments: The school recently added a daily transportation service for day students. It also recently finished renovation on two residence halls on campus.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled:  Ithaca College and James Madison University.

Woods Academy, 6801 Greentree Rd., Bethesda 20817; 301-365-3080; preschool Montessori, grades 1-8th grade; $11,500-$17,575; 315 students; www.woodsacademy.org.

Academy of Christian Education, 1808-A Michael Faraday Ct., Reston 20190; 703-471-2132; preschool–6th grade; $13,500; 200 students; www.ace-academy.com.

What’s new: Expanded after-school programs, including chess, choir, piano keyboarding, and soccer.

Recent accomplishment: The school partnered with Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth, so that students who need to move at a more accelerated pace can do so. A new computer lab was launched recently and every classroom now has an interactive whiteboard.

Accotink Academy Preschool, 6215 Rolling Rd., Springfield 22152; 703-451-5797; age 3–K; $1,780-$3,650 (preschool), $3,920 (half-day K); 210 students;

What’s new: The school is offering enrichment classes over the lunch hour.

Ad Fontes Academy, 15450 Lee Hwy., Centreville 20120; 703-815-6022; classical Christian; K–12th grade; $6,500 (half-day kindergarten), $7,100 (full day kindergarten and 1st–6th grades), $7,750 (7th–8th grades); $8,650 (9th–12th grades); 140 students; www.adfontes.com.

Alexandria Country Day School, 2400 Russell Rd., Alexandria 22301; 703-548-4804; K–8th grade; $20,860 (K–3rd grade) $19,300 (4th–8th grades); 235 students; www.acdsnet.org.

Ambleside School, 1089 Liberty Meeting Ct., Herndon 20170; 703-430-4034; K–8th grade; $6,00-$7,300; 81 students; www.ambleside.org.

The Aquinas Montessori School, 8334 Mount Vernon Hwy., Alexandria 22309; 703-780-8484; ages 3–12; $8,820-$10,287; 150 students; www.aquinasmontessorischool.com.

Arlington Montessori House, 3809 N. Washington Blvd., Arlington 22201; 703-524-2511; ages 3–5; about $7,000; 56 students; www.arlingtonmontessori.com.

Bishop Denis J. O’Connell High School, 6600 Little Falls Rd., Arlington 22213; 703-237-1400; 9th–12th grades; $9,000 (Arlington diocesan Catholics), $10,600 (nondiocesan Catholics), $13,200 (non-Catholics); Muller Center for children with learning disabilities; 1,367 students; www.bishopoconnell.org.

What’s new: A Christian Service program, and a new study skills program.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: Virginia Tech, James Madison University, and George Mason University.

Bishop Ireton High School, 201 Cambridge Rd., Alexandria 22314; 703-751-7606; 9th–12th grades; $10,400 (Arlington diocesan Catholics), $11,800 (nondiocesan Catholics), $14,950 (non-Catholics); 800 students; www.bishopireton.org.

Blessed Sacrament Grade School and Early Childhood Center, 1417 W. Braddock Rd., Alexandria 22302; 703-998-4170; age 3–8th grade; $3,774-$6,281; 329 students; www.blessedsacramentcc.org/school.

Recent accomplishment: The school was recently elected for the Blue Ribbon Award of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education.

Boyd School (Reston campus), 11579 Cedar Chase Rd., Herndon 20170; 703-404-9733; ages 18 months-3rd grade; $9,133-$12,918; 160 students; www.theboydschool.com.

Boyd School (Herndon campus), 13251 Woodland Park Rd., Herndon 20171; 571-203-8686; ages 18 months-6 years; $9,133-$12,045; 140 students; www.theboydschool.com.

Boyd School (Broadlands campus), 42945 Waxpool Rd., Ashburn 20148; 703-723-3364; 18 month-3rd grade; $9,461-$12,918; 175 students; www.theboydschool.com.

Boyd School (Westfields campus), 4550 Walney Rd. Chantilly 20151; 571-321-0364; ages 18 months-8th grade; $9,461-$13,757; 297students; www.theboydschool.com.

Boyd School (Fairfax campus), 3909 Oak St., Fairfax 22030; 703-934-0920; ages 3-6; $8,948-$11,501; 52 students; www.theboydschool.com.
Boyd School (Aldie campus), 24328 Goshen Rd., Aldie 20105; ages 18 months-6 years; opening Fall 2009; 703-542-5522

Lola’s Place, 20685 Fernbank Ct., Sterling 20165; 571-434-755; ages 8 weeks-3 years; $9,923-$22,200; 80 students; www.lolas-place.com

Brooksfield School, 1830 Kirby Rd., McLean 22101; 703-356-5437; Montessori preschool–3rd grade; $9,915-$17,774 (pre-K and K), $14,823-$18,319 (1st–3rd grades); 89 students; www.brooksfieldschool.org.

Browne Academy, 5917 Telegraph Rd., Alexandria 22310; 703-960-3000; $16,765 for pre-K full-day; $20,240 for K-8; 303 students; www.browneacademy.org.

Recent accomplishment: A group of 8th graders won the Name the Space Node competition with NASA in fall 2007 and got to travel to Cape Canaveral. They were one of six groups to win nationally.

Burgundy Farm Country Day School, 3700 Burgundy Rd., Alexandria 22303; 703-960-3431; pre-K–8th grade; $19,595-$21,595; 282 students; www.burgundyfarm.org.

Calvary Road Christian School, 6811 Beulah St., Alexandria 22310; 703-971-8004; age 3–8th grade; $8,500 (all-day preschool), $5,200 (K–8th grade); 10-percent tuition discount for members of Calvary Road Baptist Church; 293 students; www.crcs.org.

What’s new: Karate classes and individualized study hall have been added to the extended-care program.

Chesterbrook Montessori School, 3455 N. Glebe Rd., Arlington 22207; 703-241-8271; ages 3–6; $6,200-$6,500; 80 students; www.chesterbrookmontessorischool.com.

Children’s House Montessori School, 2425-A N. Glebe Rd., Arlington 22207; 703-276-1360; ages 2–6; $900-$1,400 a month; 85 students and 13 toddlers; www.childrenshousemontessori.org.

What’s new: A half-day program for toddlers five days a week.

Christchurch School, 49 Seahorse La., Christchurch 23031; 804-758-2306; 8th-12th grades, postgraduate; boys boarding school, coed day school; $15,750 (day), $37,250 (boarding); 213 students; www.christchurchschool.org.

Commonwealth Academy, 1321 Leslie Ave., Alexandria 22301; 703-548-6912; 109 students; www.commonwealthacademy.org; $28,336. Grades 6-12 for students who benefit from class sizes of ten or fewer and instruction geared to different learning styles.

What’s new: Courses in digital graphics, music, and advanced computer concepts.

Congressional Schools of Virginia, 3229 Sleepy Hollow Rd., Falls Church 22042; 703-533-9711; preschool–8th grade; $16,500-$19,800; 375 students; www.congressionalschools.org.

Recent accomplishment: Students were nationally recognized in the 2008 Wordmasters Competition.

Corpus Christi Early Childhood Center, 7506 St. Philip’s Ct., Falls Church 22042; 703-573-4570; age 3-K; $327 a month (preschool); $4,829-$7,359 (kindergarten); 160 students; www.corpuschristischool.org.

What’s new: A Handwriting without Tears curriculum, designed by an occupational therapist to teach proper letter formation.

Corpus Christi Elementary School, 3301 Glen Carlyn Rd., Falls Church 22041; 703-820-7450; K-8th grades; $4,829 (parishioners), $5,148 (nonparishioners), $7,359 (non-Catholics); 375 students; www.corpuschristischool.org.

Country Woodland School, 7152 Woodland Dr., Springfield 22151; 703-256-9400; ages 8 weeks–5 years; $205-258 a week (full time); 80 students; www.countrywoodland.com.

Dominion Christian School, 10922 Vale Rd., Oakton 22124; 703-758-1055; K–8th grade; $6,930 (K–6th grade), $7,600 (7th–8th grades); 122 students; www.dominionschool.com.

What’s new: Two new kindergarten classes and two new first grade classes, which enabled the school to enroll more students.

Edlin School, 10742 Sunset Hills Rd., Reston 20190; 703-438-3990; pre-K–8th grade; $15,000; 182 students; www.edlinschool.com.

Emmanuel Christian School, 8302 Spruce St., Manassas 20111; 703-369-3950; age 3–12th grade; $1,905-$6,942; 240 students; www.ecsflames.org.

Episcopal High School, 1200 N. Quaker La., Alexandria 22302; 703-933-3000; 9th–12th grades boarding; $40,875; 430 students; www.episcopalhighschool.org.

Fairfax Academy of Early Learning, 820 S. Carlin Springs Rd., Arlington 22204; 703-671-5555; age 2–1st grade; $205 a week; 200 students; www.ffxacademy.com.

Flint Hill School, 3320 Jermantown Rd. and 10409 Academic Dr., Oakton 22124; 703-584-2300; junior kindergarten–12th grade; $20,350-$26,200; 1,100 students; www.flinthill.org.

What’s new: Mandarin language classes and a new classics department that offers courses in Greek, Etymology, Greek and Roman history, and Greek and Roman mythology.

Recent accomplishments: The school received the Independent School Prize from the Classical Association of Virginia for the 17th year.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: Virginia Tech, James Madison University, College of William & Mary, and University of Virginia.

Gesher Jewish Day School of Northern Virginia, 8900 Little River Tpk., Fairfax 22031; 703-978-9789; K–8th grade; $15,500; 178 students; www.gesher-jds.org.

Grace Episcopal School
, 3601 Russell Rd., Alexandria 22305; 703-549-5067; preschool–5th grade; $7,235-$14,470 (15 percent tuition discount for members of Grace Episcopal Church, 10 percent sibling discount); 116 students; www.graceschoolalex.org.

What’s new: Yoga, soccer, and private music lessons are now available after school.

Grasshopper Green/Kenwood Schools, 4955 Sunset La., Annandale 22003; 703-256-4711; age 2–6th grade; $205 a week (preschool), $775 a month (elementary); 150 students; www.grasshoppergreen.com.

Great Falls Village Green Day School, 790 Walker Rd., Great Falls 22066; 703-759-4049; pre-K and kindergarten; $880-$15,910; 180 students; www.villagegreendayschool.com.

Green Hedges School, 415 Windover Ave. NW, Vienna 22180; 703-938-8323; age 3-8th grade; $11,350-$20,250; 185 students; www.greenhedges.org.

GW Community School, 9001 Braddock Rd., Suite 111 Springfield 22151; 703-978-7208; 9th–12th grades; $19,900; 52 students; www.gwcommunityschool.com.

What’s new: A recording studio and WGWR radio. New courses include a war protest novels class, War: What is it good for?, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Psycho-social issues in televised media.

Recent accomplishment: The school was featured on Channel 9 News for community service work with invasive-plant removal.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: George Mason University, University of Mary Washington, and Washington College.

Heritage Academy and Childcare Center, 7136 Telegraph Rd., Alexandria 22315; 703-971-2793; ages 16 months–5 years; $91-$270 a week; 105 students; www.knowledgelearning.com.

What’s new: An enrichment curriculum including math, Spanish, music, phonics, and fitness.

Highland School, 597 Broadview Ave., Warrenton 20186; 540-878-2700; pre-K–12th grade; $5,900-$19,100; 540 students; www.highlandschool.org.

Hill School, 130 S. Madison St., Middleburg 20117; 540-687-5897; K–8th grade; $14,250-18,800; 240 students; www.thehillschool.org.

Hope Montessori School, 4614 Ravensworth Rd., Annandale 22003; 703-941-6836; ages 3–6; $560 a month; 72 students; www.hopemontessori.org.

Hunter Mill Country Day School, 2021 Hunter Mill Rd., Vienna 22181; 703-281-4422; ages 2–12; $965-$1,043 a month; 71 students; www.hmcds.com.

Hunter Mill Montessori School, 2709 Hunter Mill Rd., Oakton 22124; 703-938-7755; ages 2½–6; $8,980 (half day), $11,060 (extended day); 40 students; www.preschoolmontessori.com.

What’s new: Classical movement and Spanish for four and five-year-olds.

Immanuel Lutheran School, 109 Belleaire Rd., Alexandria 22301; 703-549-7323; K–8th grade; $4,600 (congregants), $7,180 (non-congregants); 53 students; www.immanuelalexandria.org.

What’s new: In 2007 the school hired Jacqueline Veith, a 22-year veteran of the Messmer Catholic School in Milwaukee, as interim principal.

Kiddie Country I Developmental Learning Center, 6000 Schoolhouse Woods Rd., Burke 22015; 703-250-6550; ages 2–12; $103-$332 a week; 100 students; www.kiddiecountry.com.

Kiddie Country II Developmental Learning Center, 9601 Old Keene Mill Rd., Burke 22015; 703-644-0066; age 2–12; $103-$332 a week; 240 students; www.kiddiecountry.com.

KinderCare (formerly Heritage Academy at Greendale), 6318 May Blvd., Alexandria 22310; 703-922-6600; age 3–K; $149-$229 a week; 75 students; www.knowledgelearning.com.

Lake Anne Nursery Kindergarten, 12021 N. Shore Dr., Reston 20190; 703-437-0035; preschool–K; $135-$770 a month; 240 students; www.lankschool.com.

Langley School, 1411 Balls Hill Rd., McLean 22101; 703-356-1920; preschool–8th grade; $12,600-$25,410; 475 students; www.langleyschool.org.

What’s new: The Jeffrey J. Sherman Art Center, which includes a 350-seat auditorium, opened in September. A synthetic turf athletic field should be completed in late 2008.

Leesburg Christian School, 21336 Evergreen Mills Rd., Leesburg 20175; 703-777-4220; preschool–12th grade; $5,300-$6,250 (discounts available); 170 students; www.leesburgchristianschool.org.

Recent accomplishment: The baseball team won the state competition in May 2008.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: Cedarville University, Liberty University, and James Madison University.

Linton Hall School, 9535 Linton Hall Rd., Bristow 20136-1200; 703-368-3157; preschool–8th grade; $4,000-$8,260; 198 students; www.lintonhall.edu.

Loudoun Country Day School, 237 Fairview St., NW, Leesburg 20176; 703-777-3841; preschool–8th grade; $9,500-$14,500; 280 students; www.lcds.org.

What’s new: In 2009 the school will move to a new 69-acre campus on Evergreen Road in Leesburg. New Spanish classes are also being offered in the lower school.

Lowes Island Village Green Day School, 47722 Saulty Dr., Potomac Falls 20165; 703-404-4200; ages 2½-K; $520-$12,800; 260 students; www.villagegreendayschool.com.

Massanutten Military Academy, 614 S. Main St., Woodstock 22664; 540-459-2167; 7th–12th grade, postgraduate;  $24,664 (boarding); 166 students; www.militaryschool.com.

What’s new: The Rosetta Stone program has been added in several languages, including Russian.

Recent accomplishment: The school has 28 competitive sports including scuba and Olympic air rifle.

Merritt Academy, 9211 Arlington Blvd., Fairfax 22031; 703-273-8000; age 6 weeks–8th grade; $12,108-$18,754 a year; 370 students; www.merrittacademy.org.

What’s new: An infant room and extended hours (now from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.)

Miller School of Albemarle, 1000 Samuel Miller Loop, Charlottesville 22903; 434-823-4805; 8th–12th grade, postgraduate; $29,7500 (5-day boarding), $33,000 (7-day boarding) $14,350 (day); 150 students; www.millerschool.org.

What’s new: An equestrian program and a Model UN club.

Recent accomplishments: The school has a newly renovated studio art space and has received statewide recognition for its community service.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: University of Virginia, University of Mary Washington, and Virginia Tech.

Montessori Country School, 621 Alabama Dr., Herndon 20170; 703-437-8285; ages 2½–6; $6,700-$7,950; 90 students; www.montessoricountry.com.

Montessori School of Alexandria, 6300 Florence La., Alexandria 22310; 703-960-3498; ages 3–14; $7,400-$9,500; 99 students; www.montschoolalex.com.

Montessori School of Cedar Lane, 3035 Cedar La., Fairfax 22031; 703-560-4379; ages 3–6; $6,480 (half day), $10,580 (full day); 100 students; www.preschoolmontessori.com.

What’s new: A creative movement class.

Montessori School of Holmes Run, 3527 Gallows Rd., Falls Church 22042; 703-573-4652; age 3–8th grade; $6,000-$11,000; 52 students; www.vamontessori.com.

Montessori School of Holmes Run and Children’s House, 3335 Annandale Rd., Falls Church 22042; 703-573-7599; ages 3–6; $690 a month (half day), $1,000 a month (full day); 60 students. www.vamontessori.com.

Montessori School of Northern Virginia, 6820 Pacific La., Annandale 22003; 703-256-9577; ages 2–9; $7,335-$9,986; 135 students; www.msnv.org.

Recent accomplishment: The school purchased a new campus in Falls Church and is expanding in January 2010.

Montessori School of Oakton, 12113 Vale Rd., Oakton 22124; 703-715-0611; age 3–6th grade; $6,825-$9,300; 94 students.

New School of Northern Virginia, 9431 Silver King Ct., Fairfax 22031; 703-691-3040; 4th–12th grades; $16,600-$21,600; 140 students; www.nsnva.pvt.k12.va.us.

Northern Virginia Academy of Early Learning Burke Campus, 6215 Roberts Pkwy., Burke 22015; 703-239-0875; ages 3 weeks–12 years; $164-$284 a week; 168 students; www.novaearlylearning.com.

Notre Dame Academy, 35321 Notre Dame La., Middleburg 20117; 540-687-5581; 9th–12th grades; $17,400; 280 students; www.notredameva.org.

Nysmith School for the Gifted, 13625 EDS Dr., Herndon 20171; 703-713-3332; age 3–8th grade; $17,870 (pre-K), $23,280 (K-3rd grade), $26,310 (3-8th grade); 700 students; www.nysmith.com.

Recent accomplishment: The students scored in the top one percent on the IOWA national achievement exam.

Old Town Montessori School, 115 S. Washington St., Alexandria 22314; 703-684-7323; ages 3–6; $9,426-$10,198; 40 students; www.aquinasmontessorischool.com.

Our Savior Lutheran School, 825 S. Taylor St., Arlington 22204; 703-892-4846; K–8th grade; $4,500; 117 students; www.osva.org.
Parkwood School, 601 Marshall Rd., SW, Vienna 22180; 703-281-3707; age 3–K; $310 a month; 180 students.

Paul VI Catholic High School, 10675 Fairfax Blvd., Fairfax 22030; 703-352-0925; 9th–12th grades; $9,270 (diocesan Catholics), $12,140 (others); 1,200 students; www.paulvi.net.

Pinecrest School, 7209 Quiet Cove, Annandale 22003; 703-354-3446; age 3–6th grade; $5,580-$11,980; 75 students; www.pinecrestschool.org.

Recent accomplishment: The summer camp won Northern Virginia Magazine’s Best of Summer Camp in 2007.

Potomac School, 1301 Potomac School Rd., McLean 22101; 703-356-4101; K–12th grade; $24,340-$27,445; 950 students; www.potomacschool.org.

What’s new: Chinese studies classes.

Recent accomplishment: One of the seniors was named a 2008 Presidential scholar, one of the debaters won the 2008 Virginia debate championships, and the robotics team placed 2nd in an international competition.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: University of Virginia and University of Pennsylvania.

Powhatan School, 49 Powhatan La., Boyce 22620; 540-837-1009; K–8th grade; $12,395-$13,895; 255 students; www.powhatanschool.org.

Queen of Apostles Catholic School, 4409 Sano St., Alexandria 22312; 703-354-0714; K–8th grade; $4,050 (parishioners), $5,090 (Catholic nonparishioners), $6,400 (non-Catholics); 200 students; www.queenofapostlesschool.org.

Randolph-Macon Academy, 200 Academy Dr., Front Royal 22630; 540-636-5200; 6th–12th grade, postgraduate; $11,959-$13,653 (day), $26,282–$27,900 (boarding), $33,000 (international); 10 percent discount for Methodists; 365 students; www.rma.edu.

What’s new: New courses include AP Art History, Rule Brittania, Honors World History II, and Conceptual Physics. The school is also looking forward to a new state-of-the-art academic building that will open in 2009.

Recent accomplishments: In the last year, students dedicated 8,802 hours to community service, two seniors earned their private pilot certification, the school’s capital campaign reached over $10 million in gifts and pledges, and the R-MA Jets (physics) team claimed 2nd in JV and varsity competition.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: Old Dominion University, West Virginia University, and Lynchburg College.

Reston Montessori School, 1928 Isaac Newton Sq. W., Reston 20190; 703-481-2922; age 3 months–3th grade; $895-$1,520 a month; 210 students; www.restonmontessori.com.

Ridgemont Montessori School, 6519 Georgetown Pike, McLean 22101; 703-356-1970; age 1½–K; $6,950 (toddlers), $9,050 (half day), $11,250 (kindergarten); 66 students. www.ridgemontmontessori.com.

What’s new: Spanish and music classes.

Sacred Heart Academy, 110 Keating Dr., Winchester 22601; 540-662-7177; pre-K–8th grade; $3,573 (parishioners), $4,573 (nonparishioners), $5,573 (non-Catholics); 210 students; www.sacredheartva.org.

Recent accomplishment: A new wing of the school should be ready by December 2008.

Springfield Academy, 5236 Backlick Rd., Springfield 22151; 703-256-3773; age 6 weeks–3rd grade; $817-$1,066 a month; 135 students; www.springfieldacademy.com.

Springs Montessori School, 5407 Backlick Rd., Springfield 22151; 703-941-1411; ages 2½–6; $4,500 (half day), $8,600 (full day); 100 students; www.springsmontessori.com.

St. Ann Elementary School, 980 N. Frederick St., Arlington 22205; 703-525-7599; pre-K–8th grade; $4,300-$9,400 (Catholics), $7,500-$18,000 (non-Catholics); 200 students; www.stann.org.

St. Anne’s–Belfield School, 2132 Ivy Rd., Charlottesville 22903; 434-296-5106; preschool–12th grade; $8,900 (preschool and half-day K), $13,100 (full-day K), $15,400–$18,950 (grades 1–12); $12,700 additional for five-day boarding, $21,750 additional for seven-day; 841 students; www.stab.org.

What’s new: The school offers Mandarin Chinese courses to satisfy a full college requirement for language (also offering in Kindergarten). The upper school is using a trimester schedule which allows for greater flexibility to include several new courses and electives. The school is currently designing a lower school learning village, with construction to begin as early as this year.

St. Clement Episcopal School, 1701 N. Quaker La., Alexandria 22302; 703-998-8795; ages 2½-5; $525 a month (half day), $890 (to 3 PM), $1,100 (to 6 PM); 20 percent discount for St. Clement Episcopal Church parishioners, 10 percent discount for siblings; 65 students; www.saintclement.org.

What’s new: An outdoor classroom for nature classes and a new library opened in September.

St. Leo the Great Catholic School, 3704 Old Lee Hwy., Fairfax 22030; 703-273-1211; preschool–8th grade; $186-$374 a month (preschool), $350 a month (kindergarten), $4,775 (parishioners), $6,320 (nonparishioners), $7,185 (non-Catholics); St. John Vianney Center for children with special needs; 440 students; www.saintleothegreatschool.org.

St. Luke School, 7005 Georgetown Pike, McLean 22101; 703-356-1508; K–8th grade; $5,791 (parishioners), $7,328 (nonparishioners), $9,060 (non-Catholics); 230 students; www.stlukeschool.com.

What’s new: Spanish classes.

St. Mark’s Montessori School, 5800 Backlick Rd., Springfield 22150; 703-451-4470; age 3–K; $440–$585 a month; 75 students. www.stmarks-ecla.org/montessori.asp.

St. Rita Catholic School, 3801 Russell Rd., Alexandria 22305; 703-548-1888; K–8th grade; $4,307 (parishioners), $5,300 (nonparishioners), $6,411 (non-Catholics); 170 students; www.saintrita-school.org.

St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School (lower school), 400 Fontaine St., Alexandria 22302; 703-751-2700; JK–5th grade; $20,400–$22,840; 402 students; www.sssas.org.

St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School (middle school), 4401 W. Braddock Rd., Alexandria 22304; 703-751-2700; 6th–8th grades; $24,710; 273 students; www.sssas.org.

St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School (upper school), 1000 St. Stephen’s Rd., Alexandria 22304; 703-751-2700; 9th–12th grades; $26,425; 449 students; www.sssas.org.

Recent accomplishment: The school hosted the first student-led regional sustainability conference for high schoolers for 27 schools in the area.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: University of Virginia, College of William & Mary, and Stanford University.

St. Thomas More Cathedral School, 105 N. Thomas St., Arlington 22203; 703-528-6781; pre-K–8th grade; $4,389 (pre-K), $4,686 (Catholic), $6,006 (all others); 325 students; www.stmschool.org.

Sunset Hills Montessori School, 11180 Ridge Heights Rd., Reston 20191; 703-476-7477; age 18 months-8th grade; $7,102–$12,882; 200 students; www.sunsethillsmontessori.com.

Sydenstricker School, 7001 Sydenstricker Rd., Springfield 22152; 703-451-4141; age 3-1st grade; $307-$895 a month; 100 students; www.sydenstrickerschool.com.

Town & Country School of Vienna, 9525 Leesburg Pike, Vienna 22182; 703-759-3000; preschool–2nd grade; $8,800 (half-day preschool and pre-K), $11,400-$12,100 (full-day preschool through 2nd grade); 114 students; www.viennatownandcountryschool.com.

Trinity School at Meadow View, 2849 Meadow View Rd., Falls Church 22042; 703-876-1920; grades 7–12; 135 students; $14,000; www.trinityschools.org.

Recent accomplishment: The school celebrated its tenth anniversary this year.

Vienna Adventist Academy, 340 Courthouse Rd., Vienna 22180; 703-938-6200; K–8th grade; $3,950 (constituent), $4,950 (non-constituent Seventh-day Adventist), $6,450 (non-Seventh-day Adventist); 84 students; www.viennaadventistacademy.org.

Village Green Day School at Lowes Island, 47722 Saulty Dr., Potomac Falls 20165; 703-404-4200; age 20 months-K; $520-$1,400 a month; 250 students; www.villagegreendayschool.com.

Wakefield Country Day School at Huntly
, 1059 Zachary Taylor Hwy., Huntly 22627; 540-635-8555; preschool–12th grade; $5,830-$11,260; 256 students; www.wakefieldcds.org.

What’s new: Etiquette and AP Economics classes. The sports program expanded to include cross-country, tennis for girls, and swimming. Also, the school started a chess club.

Recent accomplishment: The Latin students won more awards per capita at the National Certamen Competition than any of the more than 100 other schools participating.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: University of Virginia, College of William & Mary, and Virginia Tech.

Wakefield School, 4439 Old Tavern Rd., The Plains 20198; 540-253-7500; pre-K–12th grade; $2,900-$18,080; 460 students; www.wakefieldschool.org.

What’s new: A two-, three-, or five-day preschool program.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: University of Virginia, University of Mary Washington, and James Madison University.

Westminster School, 3819 Gallows Rd., Annandale 22003; 703-256-3620; K–8th grade; $16,400; 286 students; www.westminsterschool.com.


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