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Dating Diaries Update: The Guys Report Back

Now that you’ve met our daters, we’ll check in with them weekly to see what’s happening in their lives when it comes to romance, chemistry, and maybe even love. What follows below are excerpts from interviews with our daters, so you’ll hear about their ad

Today, the guys give us their report. Check back on Wednesday to see what the women have to say.

Meet our daters: Mark Drapeau | Dana Neill | Sally Colson Cline | Michael Amesquita | Kate Searby | Max Schwartz | Lucas Wall

Mark Drapeau: I’ve been on several dates this week. The first two felt a lot like business meetings. They were entirely forgettable.

Then I went out with someone who works in finance. She was exotic and interesting. We went from a drink to a nice dinner. I have mixed feelings about whether I want to see her again, but it was a fun time. It just didn’t have that zing. I wasn’t overly physically attracted to her. I might have been more interested towards the beginning. She wasn’t flirtatious. I couldn’t tell if it was actually a date. It’s a feedback loop.

Then I went out with someone who was very exotic and interesting and sexual. She showed up about 45 minutes late. She had this attitude that it’s okay to be late as long as she texted to say she was late. I find that extraordinarily annoying. I’m reasonable, but 45 minutes is too long. I think that set the whole thing off on the wrong tone. I’m big on first impressions. I was waiting at the bar, and I polled my friends by text to see if it was okay to flirt with other people while I was waiting. They said yes. I ended up talking to this other girl and we exchanged phone numbers.

When the other girl showed up, we got along great and had a nice time. We ended up smooching a little bit. I’ll try to see her again. There might be something there. I wasn’t too thrilled about the lateness. If that’s a pattern of behavior, then that would be a deal breaker.

Michael Amesquita: I went on a really cool date to Baltimore for an Orioles game. We’ve talked a few times, but it’s looking like more of a friend thing. She lives up in Columbia and I live in Crystal City. It just sort of played out. A friend of mine wants to set me up with her roommate. We’ll see. My goal is just to date. I’m trying to ask people out and see what happens.

Max Schwartz: I haven’t been on a date in three weeks. I was out of town for a week. We’re launching this new blog at work around the whole financial crisis. It’s unfortunate. I don’t want to become some tech person who is hunched over his computer in the bowels of the building. But that’s what’s happening. I’ve been working 12-hour days and then sleeping.

Lucas Wall
: Lucas is on vacation.

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