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Inauguration Aggregation

Welcome to your daily dose of inauguration news! Every morning through January 20, we'll give you our top morning reads on the latest buzz around the upcoming inauguration.

The wheels of the much-anticipated Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) are finally turning! The Washington Post reported late Friday that Obama has selected Emmett Beliveau, director of advance for his campaign, to run the committee. The PIC is the group appointed by the president-elect to plan the official inaugural balls and help coordinate the swearing-in ceremony.

Senator Charles Schumer of New York is taking an interesting approach to handing out free tickets to Obama's inauguration—he'll be using a lottery to select the lucky attendees. New Yorkers must submit their name and contact information via the senator's Web site or by fax at 202-228-3027 by November 30 to be included in the drawing.

Here's an interesting tip: If your senator or representative is drowning in inaugural ticket requests, try a Republican congressperson, say, in Oklahoma. The San Francisco Chronicle's Willie Brown writes in his Sunday column, "You know the Democrats are going to maxed out—so try to get them from members of Congress in states that didn't vote for Obama. I mean, how many people from Oklahoma think this is the nation's biggest historical moment?"

Here's the Huffington Post's Steve Rosenbaum's hopes and dreams for Obama's inaugural speech.

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