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Overlooked: The Best Missed Connections of the Week

Every Friday, for some fun reading, we bring you the area’s best Missed Connections on Craigslist.

It has been two long weeks since we last ventured into Craigslist Love Land. Let’s see what we’ve missed…connections. Sorry, I had to.

Reply to: [?]Date: 2008-11-09, 1:34PM EST

Dear best cab driver ever,

You picked me up on Quebec Pl. I was wearing a green dress & told you all about the boy I had a crush on. I asked you all about your girlfriends. I bet that you had a lot of girlfriends and you kept giggling and saying “nooooo.” We talked all about Ghana & how amazing Africa is. I think we are meant to be best friends and I should have gotten your number. Your station wagon is pimp.

Your BFF
        * Location: Quebec Place, NW

I love the special connection these two shared. Good luck finding your cabby friend!You + me = us – w4m – 23 (u-street)
Reply to: [?]Date: 2008-11-09, 12:18PM EST

i’d like to give a shout out to the sexy math teacher who stole my heart and then left without even a goodbye.
        * Location: u-street

Nice equation. I sincerely hope that you are aware of your reference to MTV’s fictional boy band 2ge+her. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then I feel sorry for you.

To the Woman Seeking Dave – m4w – 52 (NoVa)
Reply to: [?]Date: 2008-11-09, 8:17AM EST

You initiated contact with me through this forum, by your choice not mine. I have responded directly to you. I’ve told you how I feel, offered you face to face discussion of this connection, how to contact me, and signed my name and age. Yet you still remain in the shadows, anonymous, and I have grown weary of what now feels like a game. I’ve offered friendship and discussion, and made it clear that I am not a candidate for anything secretive, inappropriate, etc.
You know how to contact me directly if you choose, and I will check my mail and log on to this site for the last time tonight at 8:00. I have nothing to hide and have no fear of an open, candid, one on one discussion, as offered. Tell me what you seek with me and provide your name and age for once. My window on this entire connection closes tonight at 8:00, and I have no further business on here, nor any desire to discuss it in the future. Clocks ticking, time to close the connection you opened….your call.

Respectfully to all other ladies – The woman for whom this is intended knows who she is. If you are not sure, it does not involve you, so please save your efforts and comments.

Thanks Dave
        * Location: NoVa

Woah Dave, relax! Don’t take Missed Connections so seriously and stop making ultimatums. Something tells me you have scared her off.

You drive White Lexus(SUV) is good(stkr)…I am constantly want- – m4w – 20 (the park at arlington ridge)
Reply to: [?]Date: 2008-11-08, 4:26PM EST

You have super sexy short brown hair, eyes so beautiful my stomach gets butterflys and the the body of a goddess!!!! I, will go into further detail..if and when this makes it to you about me!! Just know, when you pass by me(usually walking 2 little white doggys).. nothing else in the exists, you turn on every “switch” in my body! Ive seen you lookin at me too, if we’re on the same wave length..OMG..Im on fire thinking about it!! I hope to run into you soon(Im quiet sometimes.. but please.. dont think its disinterest, I just go from regular day to SexualLovemaking Land the second I lay eyes on you!!!!) Isnt this crazy?!!! I would never disrespect <3    
    * Location: the park at arlington ridge

In the words of Flavor Flav, “Wooooow!”

we winked at each other on – m4m – 23 (fairfax)
Reply to: [?]Date: 2008-11-06, 12:18PM EST

Your username is kbj1007 and you’re very attractive.

Hit me up, I’d like to take things off line. We’ve got some things in common, unfortunately, we can’t go any further than “winking” on the site.

Let me know what my username is — hope to hear from you.
    * Location: fairfax

This guy is putting on the cyber-dating full court press–Craigslist AND!