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Inauguration Aggregation

Welcome to your daily dose of inauguration news! Every morning through January 20, we'll give you our top morning reads on the latest buzz around the upcoming inauguration.

Hotels in West Virginia's panhandle are booked solid for the inauguration. To keep up with demand, the Maryland Rail Commuter Service may add more trains to Martinsburg, West Virginia, on January 20. The line currently runs two trains from there each day. 

Metro's preliminary plans for service during the inauguration weekend include opening at 4 AM and closing at 2 AM on inauguration night. Fox 5 reports that Metrorail will operate at rush hour levels for 15 consecutive hours on January 20.  

More Metro-related news: The subway system will be rolling out plastic refillable SmarTrip cards printed with Obama's face in time for the inauguration. Billed as keepsakes, the cards will cost $10—the usual price is $5—and they'll come empty. The cards will be available online starting in early January.

The Newseum will be extending hours and preparing special exhibits for the inauguration. Our favorite: an exhibit entitled, "First Dogs: American Presidents and Their Pets," which will feature photos and stories about more than two dozen White House dogs and their owners.

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