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PIC Unveils Online Donor List

In keeping with Barack Obama's pledge of transparency, the Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) rolled out its new online donor database today, listing all donors who've given more than $200 to the committee.

When we took a peek—it's updated in real time as donors are added, so numbers can change with each page view—there were 243 donations logged in the system. California took the cake for the most donations rendered with 54. Several states tied for last place with one donation each, including Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, South Dakota, and others. Obama's home state, Illinois, came in third behind California and New York with 30 donations. DC, Maryland, and Virginia tallied 17, 5, and 8 donations respectively.

One-hundred sixty-nine donations have been made at the $50,000 maximum, with 18 of those coming from DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Actresses Sharon Stone and Halle Berry and millionaire philanthropist George Soros—along with four of his family members—each gave the maximum amount.

And recognizing a good thing when she sees it, DC tourism exec Victoria Isley kicked in $1,000 to what will likely be the biggest event her town has ever hosted.

Check out the donor list for yourself here.

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