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Welcome back from your holiday break, Washington—we hope it was fun-filled and relaxing, and you got all the loot you might have wished for. New Year's Eve is in just a couple of days—have you made plans? We've got a full-on NYE guide, with info on parties, restaurants, and lots more. 

The Redskins ended their ultimately disappointing season yesterday with another disappointing loss to the 49ers. Hey, at least that Dallas thrubbing was nice to watch, eh?  

14th and You has some fun with Google Street View in DC. 

This local man acted pretty much the hero in foiling two robbers' plans to kidnap him and his family and rob a bank.

What's the deal with Chinese food in DC? Matthew Yglesias argues that "The issue with Chinese food and DC isn’t that there’s no good stuff, it’s that there’s an extraordinary quantity of bad stuff."

Want to get an inside look at the DC public school system? Try out this new DC education blog, Harry Potter and the  Urban School Nightmare